Friday, June 8, 2012


I love Summer.  I do.  It's relaxed and crazy, all at the same time.  We're settling in to our non-routine pretty nicely.  Except when we're not.  And so goes life.

  • Jake, #3 son, baby of the boys, turned seven this week.  We started out his day with Strawberry shakes and cupcakes for breakfast.  His big brothers had a Little League game the night of his birthday, so in order to try to make it special for him I gave him ten bucks for the concession stand.  Nachos, suckers, Snickers, Gatorade, sugary strips of some sort of candy, you name it and he bought and ate it.  I still can't believe he didn't get sick.  We call that a birthday success.  
  • I've been sewing and crafting again lately.  It's been beautiful outside, and I should really be out enjoying it...but when the urge to create strikes, I think one should just go with it.  
  • I came to a conclusion this week: When I have PMS, there are certain people that I just should.not.speak.with.  Ya know what I mean?  Like...I can handle them three weeks out of the month and then *BAM*  PMS week happens and my brain switches to zero-tolerance.  
  • Noah (11) has $60 to his name.  According to him he is a "60 dollionaire"  
  • Lucy has been waking up in the morning with a dry diaper.  It probably means she's ready to be potty-trained.  If only I were ready to potty train her.  
  • I started back to running again after a two week hiatus.  If only running and I could get past our love-hate relationship that we've had going on since...well, forever.  
  • I went to a home party thing last week, where they sell designer denim. I bought a pair of capris that have bling on the butt.  I kid you not.  I tried to find the least blingy ones, but there is still some bling.  They're comfy and I like them, but the bling is still not me.  I picked some of it off.  Don't tell.  
  • This post would be better with pictures...if only I had them uploaded them.
  • Right now, my 11 year old has asked me THREE times if I'm sure it's Friday and not Saturday.  I'M SURE.  Sheesh.
  • Four years ago today, our tiny town flooded.  But today, it's better than ev-ah.  I have pictures to prove it.  And when I upload them, I'll show ya. ;)
  • I miss blogging regularly.  I could blame the four kids, puppy, husband, house, ministry for sucking up all my time...but really, there's time to squeeze out yet...I just need to DO IT.  
  • I'm off to upload some pictures so that my next post is less boring.  I'm will still be boring but at least their will be visuals to assist it.
  • Happy FRIDAY!  Even though my child still doesn't believe me that it's Friday....*insert eye roll*


  1. We went to a jean bling only the daughters backside was still too big for the bling!

  2. I really want to go to one of those jean parties, although I'm not into butt bling. I'd rather not draw attention to the backside, but still...I wanna go.


  3. I've heard of those jean parties...but I'm not so much a fan of the bling either :) You should post a picture of yours ;)

  4. I am absolutely with you on the PMS thing! And the crafting thing. Today I finished sewing pillows for our bed. I like the way they've turned out. Very vintage looking. Becca :-)


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