Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fine By Me

Eli had a school Christmas concert on Monday night.  My boys loathe vocal concerts.  I'm afraid they've inherited that from me.  Anyways.  We don't generally make the boys dress up for church except on holidays...and even then I use the term "dressed up" loosely.  Eli, by far my most easy-going child, muttered under his breath while I made him tuck in his shirt and clip on his tie.  

And then, he caught a glimpse of himself as he passed by the full length mirror in the hallway.  I watched him back up and do a double take.  He cracked a smile, acknowledging that even if the clothes weren't the most comfortable...they did make him look extra handsome.  

Funny how that works.

As we walked into the concert he informed me he wouldn't actually be singing but rather just moving his lips.  I think he was surprised to hear me say "Fine by me!"  Little does he know, I've mouthed my way through many a concerts myself.  

He did an excellent job of pretending to sing.  Nice work, buddy.  


  1. He does look great and I've been mouthing songs for many more years than him!!! That's why I play piano.

  2. Just checking out my comment moderation thingy...


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