Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Listening:  To Cinderella...Lucy's watching it in the other room.

Eating:  Nutella.  Lots and lots of Nutella.

Drinking:  Black Coffee.  

Wearing:  The shirt I wore yesterday, slept in, and still currently have on.  Someone needs to shower yet.  Someone also has to get out of the habit of sleeping in their clothes.  

Feeling:  Peaceful.  In the last several months, with some Holy Spirit nudging, I re-evaluated my things, relationships, habits, thoughts, emotions, and made some changes.  At the time,it was less than pleasant but I'm beginning to see why God caused the shake-up...things were out of whack and now it is much, much better.  Whoever said 'No Pain No Gain' was totally right.

Weather:  This week has been warm.  Because 35 in January in Iowa is warm.

Wanting:  Spring to come quickly.

Needing:  To keep my eyes on Jesus.

Thinking:  I should get in the shower...

Enjoying:  Hanging out everyday with my Lucy.  She's a hoot.


  1. sounds like a wonderful morning!

  2. I fall asleep in my clothes allll the time. I've been wearing a lot of sweats lately, so that probably has something to do with it...

    Nutella! I'm wild about it.

  3. i sleep in my clothes. especially when i spend the day in pajamas. i am not what one might call a hygiene enthusiast. i know, it's gross.

    know what else is gross? black coffee. how do you manage to get it down? mine is like building a cake or something.


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