Thursday, May 2, 2013

She's Like the Weather

On Tuesday this week it was 80 degrees out.  Today is Thursday, May 2nd and we have a Winter Weather Advisory until 6PM.  Get with the program Iowa, May is your redeeming month of the year.  

I don't care how many theories there are on global warming, I live in Iowa and it's May and IT IS SNOWING.  So yes, I mock you global warming. 

 On another note, Lucy has been crabtastic since the moment she woke up.  Crying and whining...non stop.  I had one of those really great parenting moments where I said "STOP CRYING!"  which of course made her cry and cry and cry some more.  And then, for a moment,  I sort of wished I worked outside the home so I could get her dressed and drop her off at the babysitters. 

Lucy and I made cookies. #itsbeenforever

I'm kidding.  It was waaaay longer than a moment that I thought on that idea.  Because there are days and moments where I want to trade one set of trials for a new set of trials...

But either way, there will be trials.  

She insists on being right next to him. #pottytraining

So today I will endure the endless whining, and tantrum throwing.  The demands, the time-outs, and the potty training.  Because in between all that, she crawls up next to me and says, "Mom, I loooooove you."  and "I snuggle you" and "Mom, your hair is crazy."  

She's right, my hair is crazy.  

And tomorrow...she'll likely pop out of that bed with smiles and giggling.  

Train up a child...

Her moods change like Iowa's weather.    


  1. Your blog sounds just like Mindy's days working at the Day Care. There are those days that she comes home and gushes about her 8 little 2 year olds. Then there are those days she comes home and talks about finding another job and is tired of time-outs, screaming, hitting, kicking episodes. She will be sooo prepared for the mom years! She is getting a strong dose of reality with her job, yet she loves it. That's a good sign. :) Hang in there Sarah! And I totally relate to the whole "easier to drop them off at the sitter" moment. Been there, done that. (Having the thought that is...)

  2. I don't blame her for being crabby, I felt the same way when I saw the snow this morning :) Global warming? I say bring it on, we could use it!

    Glad you are blogging again more regularly, I always enjoy your posts :)


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