Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Pick Theme Songs...

Rend Collective had been one of my new favorites this summer.  It's on about every play list I have.  It's helped me kick it in on the last mile of since June.  (I'm on week 12 of half-marathon training, so it's a lot of running. More on that laterish)

And now I've adopted it as my official theme song for the year.  For me, my family, our name it.

I also now feel the need to take up the tambourine.  And I have some boys that would be happy to play the thing that guy is pounding on the ground. I'm not quite sure our church is ready for that.  We'll just practice in secret for now.

 And Ben is most definitely getting a bow tie this fall.  

Packed full of so much truth.  It really is my heart wrapped up in a song written by people much cooler than I.  

That is why music is so darn cool.


  1. My heart beats this song. I've had it on my play list for a few months and it gets so much play time, it isn't funny.

  2. Oh man, we looooove Rend Collective! The Jingling Johnny has been on our wishlist for a long time! We stumbled upon them a few years ago at a Worship Leaders Conf and then crashed a "private" concert they were doing in Jefferson, Iowa. One of the guys married a girl from there. (We are possibly obsessed!)
    Our pastor preached a series on the Kingdom recently, and I was a little bummed to learn Dispensationalists actually should sing "Build your Kingdom there...then bring it here..." Haha! Still LOVE the song and passionate message behind it! We listen to Rend Collective every single day on the way to and from school! Best get-charged-up music ever!


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