Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Your Face

I started blogging in February of 2008.  I had barely figured out facebook at that time.  

Boy time changes things, eh?  Pinterest was the beginning of the decline of my blogging and then Instagram came along...and the rest is "once-a-month-blog-posting" history.  Pretty pictures are way too distracting for my distractable brain.  

Social media changed the way of blogging too.  Back in the day, you could read blogs, comment and form relationship and then your readership grew.  Feed readers have become sort of outdated, and now much of the way blogs are "seen" is through social media.  

And I've been resisting that movement.  Why?  Because I'm 80 years old and I liked the old way of doing it.  How dare those young people go and innovate.  

But now, I've conceded.  I'm the old-lady learning a new game...which means I'll be asking annoying questions about "the computer thingy" an awful lot.  Bear with me. 

I'm 36 and not 80.  I slightly exaggerate sometimes.  You'll have to deal.

And, I miss writing.  *see yesterday's post*

It takes courage to try new things.  *little kitty roar*

SO.  If we are only internet friends and not real-life Facebook friends (although you're still very important to me) then you can now go join my Life in the Parsonage Facebook page where I can be in your face all the time.  And in case you're 80, like me, you go to the page and hit 'like' to "like" me.   I mean, who wouldn't want to sign up for that?  


I was trying to set up the camera for our "automatic timer Christmas Card Pictures"  I repeated this process about 30 times before it was right for all six of us and the dog to fit in.  The dog photo bombed my awkward self portraits every time.  I feel like if I die, this is the picture that will be in the paper.  *This is just bonus info for you*
It's gonna be fun.  I hope.  Maybe.  We'll see....


  1. Hello sister Sarah. So good to know you through your profile on the blogger. I am also glad to stop by your blog "Life in the Parsonage" and the post on it " In your Face". I am so glad to know that you are Pastor's wife. It is so amazing how the modern technologies have changed so fast and how well you adopt to these fast changing systems. I am 64yrs of age and I it is not easy for me to adopt to the fast changing communication systems. Well I am also in the Pastoral ministry for last 34yrs in the great city of Mumbai,India a city with great contrast where richest of rich and the poorest of poor live. We reach out to the poorest of poor with love of Christ. We also encourage young people as well as adults from the West to come on a short / long term missions trip to work with us in the slums of Mumbai amongst poorest of poor sharing good news of Jesus Christ and giving them new hope, purpose and future. We would love to have young and adults from your church to come on a short term missions trip to work with us during their summer vacation. I am sure they will have a life changing experience. I would love to be in communication with you. My email id is: dhwankhede(at)gmailmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. May you have a very blessed and joyous Christmas and a Christ centered New year.

  2. Oh my stars! I feel the same way, both 80 and the way blogging has changed. I miss writing, but lately life is kicking my butt and my attitude is leaning towards the negative, so me and the blog are on a break. I've miss you! So glad you are taking up blogging again! Love the selfie! I will boycott social media if they take away the selfies from us "grannys"!

  3. that dog!!! that totally kills me. i die.

    also, i feel 80 in terms of the whole social media/computer thingy stuff too. the old way was not broke. why we gotta go fixin' it?! ;)

  4. oh and do i even have to talk about how life and such as has affected my blogging? sighhhhhhh…. i miss it. i do. but i just don't have the time to formulate words and things, so short bursts on instagram and pinterest and facebook win out. and that makes me die a little inside. but not in a cute way like what happens when i see that dog! :) that's a cute dying. this other death? it's the kind that hurts.

  5. Jodie, I MISS your blogging!! I'm so glad I get to see your face on other social media, but you have a way with words, my friend. Praying that great life you have lets you share those words with the rest of us. Soon-ish. <3


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