Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unoriginal is the New Original

I've been perusing Pinterest to distract myself from winter.  It sorta helps.  And it gives me lots of ideas to create...and by create I mean copy.  And all that's required after that is sweet talking the husband into hanging an awkward & heavy basket shelf thing.

So I made a coffee station.  

The printable is courtesy of Pinterest as well.  Click here for your own!

And if you were thinking that my coffee pot looked sad and lonely all by itself then you read my mind.  Ben and I have decided we *need* an espresso machine.  And french press.  And then then coffee station will be complete.  

Also, I would like a 24 cup coffee maker.  Bigger is better. 


  1. I Love this!!!!! When can I come for coffee?

  2. Soooo cute! And, duh, bigger is ALWAYS better! Where did you find your basket?!

  3. In August there was a flea market by Calico Henhouse. It was my first one and it was only $12!

  4. So, I don't even drink coffee (ICK!), but I'm swooning over this little spot! Especially that basket. LOVE! And that little sign. Maybe I should hang one in Josh's office at church? :) He absolutely cannot function w/o his many cups of joe.

  5. WOW - love it !!!! The basket is a great idea too. Espresso machine sounds like a must too. Enjoy !!!


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