Saturday, October 4, 2014


As I type this from my phone, I'm thinking  to myself that it's before midnight so *technically* I haven't missed a day of posting. 

Tomorrow I will let you in on the fun, but for tonight this is all I got.

• today I had one of those mommy moments where I lost my ever-loving mind because no one in my family was listening or helping. 
• packing and loading kids for any sort of trip is a ridiculous ordeal in our house. 
•and then we get to our destination and all the chaos is forgotten. Just kidding, I still totally remember. But it seems less bad ;)
•our family is in fact too big for a hotel room with two queen beds and too cheap to get anything bigger. Ha. 
• so thankful for friends who make me laugh, and getting to do a mini trip with people I love. 
•did I mention the insanity of all 6 of us in the same room?:). 
•good night 

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  1. We were a family of six that were too cheap to get two rooms or anything larger than two queens. They will eventually become fond memories (so my parents say).


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