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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sign Me Up

Oh bloggy friends...I have just officially signed up for my first race on May 10th. Now, before you get too excited, I should tell you that it is only a 4 mile race :) For the under-achiever living in me....that is perfection! There is also coffee and bagels at the I said, perfection. It's Heth's fault, really. She made it sound so fun that I couldn't resist. She also mentioned the coffee...a lot.
I have talked my other friend, Jenni, into running with me (at a slacker pace, of course) I have set my goals low, so that I may achieve them! Run without dying...that's my goal. I think that's a good first race goal. Heth will probably have enjoyed a pot of coffee and 2 bagels and be back home before I cross the finish line...she's a speedy little thing. Can I officially call myself a "racer" cause seriously...that's just funny.
I started running a year ago in January. I happened to be eating (at McDonalds) with a new friend and she mentioned she ran. For some strange reason, I did something totally out of character and blurted out that we should run together! I left McDonald's that day and headed out and bought new running shoes. So unlike me. I say it's out of character because I seriously do not enjoy running...never have. I ran cross country and track my freshman and sophomore years in high school (for social reasons) and despised the running the whole time.

Now, we run together 3 mornings a week at 6 AM. Every time the alarm goes off, I think to myself..."you are crazy." Every. Single. Time. But knowing that she is going to be waiting outside, gets me out of my nice warm bed. Afterwards...I'm always glad I did it. But getting out of bed, never gets easier. Never.

I still do not enjoy running. *Smiles* People say you get "bit" by it...but I haven't :) I love chatting with my friend while I run...and it really is a good stress reliever, but the actual running...I am not in love with. But, like it or not...I need it. My clothing tells me I need it...because when I stop running...somehow the dryer shrinks all my clothes! That's my theory.

What does training look like for a slacker runner, you ask!?! It means I have to actually be putting in 4 miles at a time :) That's pretty much it. Oh, and it also involves one of these cute little numbers...
A running skirt! This isn't actually a picture of me in's from google images:) Mine is just plain gray...and I haven't had a chance to wear it yet...but I'm sure it will help me run faster and longer on race day...I'm sure of it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


We all have friends that we've lost contact with. It happens. It's life. You say it will never happen to you...but it does.

Yesterday, I had the chance to reconnect with my very best friend growing up. Laurin and I became friends in 3rd grade. Our moms' decided that we should walk home (to my house) together after school. We were not crazy about this idea...we didn't care much for each other. It took some time and I don't know when it happened, but it did. We became friends...inseparable friends...all the way through high school.

Most all of my memories growing up include her and her family. Our personalities were opposite of each other. She was quiet and I was more outgoing. She was extremely intelligent and driven (now has her PHD in heart disease research) and I was just an average student and a bit of an under-achiever. But together, our friendship just...worked.

*notice my mullet...with a perm...lovely. I also think I'm wearing Laurin's shirt...I borrowed her clothes constantly! *

We had not seen each other for years...and its been even longer since we've just sat down to chat and catch up. Yesterday, as we sat and visited for two hours, its as if no time had gone by. She'll always be on my best friends list. I can't explain it. No matter the time, or how much we grow and change...the history is the same. Nothing can change it. I still adore her :)

* This is us as Sophomores. It was a prom. Look at her beautiful- naturally curly- red hair. I am still jealous of it...and of my sophomore body :) *

We've now swapped email addresses, and plan on keeping in touch better. Sometimes its that initial first step of reconnecting that's the most awkward...but now, we're back :) If you have those friends...long lost friends...find's SO worth it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

They May Kill Me...

They might just kill me for posting this picture...most of them didn't even want to pose for it in the first place! If I'd had a blog at the time it was taken, they probably wouldn't have let me do it at all! But, I'm going to take the risk, and pray God grants me favor with each of them :) I have to post the have to see them. These are the ladies (the core group)that I meet with every other Tues. night for Bible study. They are truly amazing...each one. They have blessed me in so, so many ways.
I never really wanted to be a pastor's wife...seemed like a pain in the butt to me :) I also thought it must be a pretty lonely profession...after all, who can really be themselves around the pastor and his wife!?! Seriously! And, I was positive that as the wife, if I were myself...I'd probably scare them all away! And then...God proved me wrong (which He always does.) He totally went above and beyond what I ever could have imagined. Instead of the loneliness I had anticipated, God has surrounded me with friends. Not just women who are nice to me, but genuine friends. There are no pretenses in this pretending. We are who we are. Each of us are at a unique place in our walk with God...and He uses that to help us learn from one another. I am one of them. Not the pastor's wife. Just Sarah. I don't want to take for granted, this amazing blessing in my life. So...guess what I've learned...being a pastor's wife really isn't a pain in the butt...and, you really can be just yourself around your pastor and his wife! WHO KNEW!?!?