Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fave Junk

Somewhere along the way my vocabulary changed. I went from calling things "stuff" to "junk." Now, when I call it junk, I'm not really referring to it as trash...I mean stuff. Follow me? This has become a bit of a double edged sword for me. My children now refer to their "stuff" as "junk" (why does it always sound so much worse when they say it?) I am very thankful for all my "junk"...and I want my children to also be thankful for what they have. But honestly, when all is said and done, it really is just junk. Revelation's chapter 18 talks about how all this junk will pass away...so, for me, it's all about perspective :) Here's some of my fave junk that I'm thankful for this snow-laden February!
  1. Febreze: I can't buy enough of it. Who knows what my house would smell like without it. I'm not willing to find out.
  2. Aveda shampoo & hairspray...I love the smell of this stuff. Wish I could make my house smell like it!
  3. Amazing grace lotion, again, love it!
  4. Lip gloss...sort of like patent leather shoes...lots of it, but only in clear/nude shades (I'm very boring when it comes to lip color)
  5. Biggest Loser workout: I love this show! And this work out is fun, and makes me feel like I'm hanging out with them...little bit sad isn't it?
  6. Life Application Bible for Students, Living Bible Translation. This was the first Bible I picked out after I became a believer. I've had it 15 years, its totally highlighted (from high school) and falling apart because its only paper- back, but its still the one I go to when I'm looking for a particular verse.
  7. Red Patent shoes...need I say more.
  8. MP3 player...again, discussed my music addiction previously.
  9. Hair straightener from Aveda...it takes a heat setting of 410' to straighten my naturally wavy hair. Worth. Every. Penny.
  10. Jeans from Express...I tried them on and they fit PERFECT! How often does that happen!?! The length, the butt, the thighs....it was a miracle. I ended up going back and getting 2 more, so it looks like I wear the same pair of jean every single day, but I do not care :)
  11. Bracelets: Love them...especially big gaudy plastic ones.
  12. Red Coat: Got it for $8.95 at Steve& Barry's...had to sew some buttons back on...but STILL!

Well, there you have it... my shallow list :) No worries, although I enjoy these blessings, I know in the end, its all really just junk.


  1. Again, this post is adorable like you!
    #5 and #10 made me lol!
    I love my "junk" too!
    I think I need to post a list and explain each one like that!
    Only I have so many it would be a long list!
    It is also funny how that list would change in only a week! I am so fickle!

  2. Yay for big chunky bracelets! Fun list to read.

  3. Welcome to the blog world! Found you through Chris.

  4. How funny! I bought a coat as well at Steve and Barry's for $8.95 and had to sew the buttons back on after only wearing it once! I guess we really do get what we pay for! :)


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