Monday, February 25, 2008

Patent Leather

I love patent leather shoes. Obviously. It wasn't until today that I realized how much I love them. I started out with a plan to blog about my favorite things (which I will do eventually.) As I was gathering things, my red patent flats were a MUST, so I grabbed them. Then I reached for another pair....and then it hit me. How many are there?!? Yep, there's 7. Which probably seems like a lot :) But, considering all the patent leather shoes that I admire often in catalogs, stores, and online, I'm reasoning that 7 is not so bad :) Also, I'm pretty sure that not one of them is actually genuine patent leather. They're more like "shiny pleather", but I love them nonetheless! If only I had some patent leather snow boots...maybe the snow wouldn't seem so bad! On a final note, I am committing to not further feed this
obsession :) If you see my feet in patents other than the ones pictured above, you have my permission to take drastic husband thanks you :)


  1. Just great! Now I feel the need to copy you and find some shiny pleather flats!
    Where can I find them?!!?!?

  2. Fabulous.

    The GAP ones in the back are my faves. Super cute!

  3. Those are AWESOME!!
    I too have a shoe fetish.. just not with the "patent leather"... more along the lines of... flip-flops. :)

  4. Love them! I have always wanted a red pair and you have 3!!! I am jealous!!

  5. Oh but look at all of the cuteness! Who can blame you for not being able to resist it? Except maybe your husband. ;)
    The girls of the universe are all on your side. I especially approve of the Mary Jane styles.

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