Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh brother

This is me and my little bro. I love him dearly. I am 11 years older than him, which seems to make me feel a little "motherly" over him (ok, a lot motherly). He's 19, and a freshman in college. He has done an excellent job of accommodating my "nosiness" and wise advice....up until this weekend. I warned him I would blog about this...because, let's face it....I have to :) He ended up in the emergency room on Saturday afternoon. Long story, but it ends up he has a ton of gall stones, and they admitted him to the hospital. After a good dose of drugs in his system, he started feeling better, and bored, and didn't see the need for the hospital stay. I visited him, and faced booked him when I got home, reminding him to "be good" and of all the reasons it was necessary for him to be there. Turns out, at 10:30pm he thought it was a OK idea to take out his own I.V., and walk 8 blocks home, in the cold, with his backpack and laptop. At 1:00am my mom got a call from the hospital that he was missing, and after checking his bedroom, she found him sound to sleep. Needless to say, he's back in the hospital and scheduled for surgery at 11:30 am today. I still can't believe he did it. He's a smart, level headed kid! :) What would posses him to take out his own I.V.!?! Boys. I don't understand them. I have 3 of them. Yikes. So, today I'm praying for a safe surgery/recovery, wisdom for a 19 year old, and courage for myself, as I anticipate 19 year old boys of my own someday :) So Little can run, but you can't hide. AND, you should always listen to my wise advice ;)


  1. JAY!!!! What on earth were you doing?!?! LOL!
    Listen to your sister!!!

  2. I can't imagine!! I have 2 boys of my own, but no brothers to reflect on their behvaior!! Oh my is all I can say! Sounds like you have a great relationship, though!

  3. WHAT?! How do you pull out your own IV without passing out?


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