Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Times

Yep...its a fun filled day here at my house. If any of you need me, this is where you'll find me! (Although, you really shouldn't find me's not pretty, I'm not even showering, too much to do :) I call it the "mud room." It's our back entry room, its generally full of boots, shoes, coats, hats... well, you get the picture. It's also where the washer & dryer are...and so it is where I will be today too. Something happens at our house over the weekends....the laundry does this happen!?! (Heth, I CANNOT even imagine your laundry pile!) It's a mystery to me. I couldn't even come up with something interesting to blog about, because I'm so distracted by all the dirty clothes...gotta get to it. Happy Monday everyone...I hope yours involves actually showering and leaving your house!


  1. My laundry room has a porch so I can hide it!! Ha Ha! But actually it's unbelievable how much laundry there is to do!!! UGH!

    Happy cleaning!

  2. Laundry: the gift that keeps giving.

    Happy laundring to you my dear. It's a thankless job but some one has got to do it.

  3. trying to dig my way out too...I keep looking for some way to make it more interesting.


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