Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The laundry is DONE! ALL OF IT! And put away...all while my children were home with a snow day. Miracle. I even kept most of my sanity until about 3:30, after that it was a little hairy. It was one of those days, that as I crawled into bed, I felt like I had accomplished something, I had evidence.. Many of the rest of the things done during my daily routine cannot be checked off my to-do list...they're less tangible.
I will admit, that as I go about my day, there are times, that I stop and look at our dog, nestled up on the couch, and wish I could switch places with him for just a few hours. I really could use a nap. Yesterday I wished I could switch places with my husband, as he went off to work (he has a full time job along with being a pastor...another post:) because I didn't want to be home for another snow day! I spoke with people I love, who are in really tough situations. For some of them, I have walked through similar circumstances, and know the pain, for some I can only imagine. I wished I could switch places with them, just for awhile, to give them a break. It's not how it works. But there is relief. They do not walk the journey alone, and neither do I. I am certain, that in my own life, there have been times that Jesus actually stepped in and carried me though, because I needed that break. His Word says that he will never leave us, I know that to be true. Walking through life with Him, is far better than "switching." I am thankful for HIS strength, and mercy and grace. Without it, where would I be? So, although I really do need a nap, I am glad I am not a wiener dog named Odie :)


  1. hey! okay, I am dumb or something. I knew you had facebook, but didn't know you had this blog!

    SO excited!!! I added you to my favorites now!

    I WANT your dog! He is so adorable.

  2. Great post... wishing that I was curled up like that little dog of yours right now!! :)

  3. I am soooo glad you are not a weiner dog!!! PLUS, what would you do with all those cute "people" shoes!

  4. Watch out. There could be a dog napper with an eye on your Odie. I know a certain lady who is wishing she had a dog....

  5. HI Sarah.
    Nice to meet a fellow PW and thank you for the prayers.
    We can use them!
    IN HIM -

  6. Sarah,
    Odie is so cute:) and I just know spring is just around the corner and these snow days will just be a far away memory:)


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