Monday, March 17, 2008

She's Still There...

Have you ever had a moment...when you realized that there will always be a 15 year old girl living inside of you? I I think I've known it for awhile...but today, it all came flashing back to, here's the reasons I know that girl still resides in me.

  • Before any event, I always call a friend to see what she's wearing!
  • I still love borrowing/lending clothes! It makes me giddy as a school girl! Better than shopping!
  • When shopping with my friend, Jenni, on Saturday, I actually said "I think I smell" and of course, being a good friend, she leaned in, sniffed me, and reassured me that I in fact did not smell.
  • When I get a big zit...I actually think of ways to avoid leaving the house or try to avoid face to face contact with anyone I remotely know.
  • Secretly hope that I will not run into ANYONE I know while running errands on a day that I thought it was too much work to shower :)
  • When going out, I still try on 10 different outfits before finally settling on something.
  • In the past week I have said "I will if you will" and "I dare you"
  • Still sometimes feel like I'm on the outside looking in...or like a 3rd wheel.
  • Sometimes wish my best friend could work as the middle-man again, and "break-up" with people for me! HA!

See, I told ya...she's still living in there! Who knew?!?


  1. This is why we're bestfriends...
    cause we can relate in sooooo many ways!!!! love ya lots :)

  2. This is so funny! I can totally relate to most of these. Just today, I went out to run errands and had to duck and hide at Target to avoid seeing people I knew. I even was walking down the same aisle as my old hairdresser and faced the direct opposite shelves, as if mesmerized by the various boxes of macaroni and cheese. I was hoping not to run into anyone due to the fact that my hair was dirty and in a windblown ponytail, no make-up, glasses, and jogging suit. Why is it that that's the point that you see everyone that you haven't seen in a while? Of course, they look fabulous! Totally relate to the zit thing too ... in fact, just happen to have one of those today too, minus make-up.

    Anyway, found your blog from "from under the laundry pile." You seem like lots of fun! Will check back to hear more.

  3. you catch yourself saying, "like" all the time? You know, like, when ever you like wanna say something, you like keep repeating "like." It was hard for me to break that habit as a teen.

  4. Oh wow! This list is SO ME!

    By the way, I found your blog via my buddy, Amy Beth.

  5. wow. you just totally described what i look like today. no shower. no makeup. workout clothes. huge zit on my chin. and i probably smell, but theres no one around to tell me if i do or not, except my 4 year old who thinks i always smell like flowers. i've assured him its just the detergent. i blame my still having an inner (sometimes outer) 15 year old on the fact that my husband is a youth pastor and i teach 15 freshman girls in sunday school each week.
    i have to be relate-able, right? :)
    this is a great post. i'm glad you linked back to it.


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