Monday, March 17, 2008

Funny...But Not Really.

Most of the time, when my 2 1/2 year old pitches a fit, I am not amused. Mostly because it happens often and it's usually because he has a different plan on what he wants than I do. The battle of the wills is on, with this child.
Yesterday, however, was different. Jakob had gone outside to play while my hubs did some grilling for lunch. When it was time to come in...melt down. Oh the drama! Who needs girls!?!? I've got plenty of drama with boys. He threw himself over the dog, laying on the couch...then the floor. It must have been the cute red boots that made this tantrum seem amusing...either that, or the fact that it wasn't in public helped too. I had to get the camera out. This just made him more mad...which made it even funnier to me! What is wrong with me?!? By now, I have learned, that in my life, I either laugh and find the humor in it...or spend a lot of time wanting to cry :)
The rest of us finally sat down for lunch, and Jake, of course snapped out of it as though nothing had ever happened. Sometimes, as I watch him throwing a tantrum, I'm actually a tad bit jealous. Wouldn't it be nice, to just roll around on the floor crying...just get it all out, and then pop back up like every things fine! Truth is...I throw fits too, they're just the grown-up, dignified kind. It dawned on me, that when I do this, (which is hardly ever *cough*) I look as ridiculous as my two year old. So, this week, as my kids are on spring break...I will try to be the grown up who does not throw dignified tantrums. Here's hoping that this week goes by fast!


  1. He & my Mason would get along just beautifully!! :)

    I too have pondered on the thought of what it would be like for me to throw myself on the floor and kick like mad. :)

    Praying your spring break is tantrum-free!

  2. Gotta love the tantrums! We have at least 1, or 2, or 3 a day.

    Saturday was so much fun! Just the thought of the hubby not caving in makes me want to throw myself on the floor and pitch a huge fit.

    How mature!... Right?

    p.s. since you're so good at helping me pick out furniture... you'll have to help pick out the paint too!

  3. Those red boots ARE adorable.


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