Saturday, March 8, 2008

It Was Time...

This week I decided it was time that Mr. Eye Cream and I become friends...the kind of friends that get together every morning and evening...religiously.
In December I turned 30...really, not a big deal, I'm good with 30. My long standing theory is, I just want to look my age. Not a year younger (well, OK, younger is fine) but not older...not even a day...this is where my new best friend comes in.
I was watching TV the other night, and a commercial came on, with the actress Andie McDowell. She was promoting the cream (left) and, well, she looked fantastic! Andie informed me that the wrinkles I have are crow's lines....NICE....could they think of a worse name to call them!?! Honestly! For my own sanity, I will not call them that...they are laugh lines :) I've earned these lines. They reveal that much of the time, I am laughing (and squinting in the sun.) After the commercial, I informed my hubs that I needed that cream. He questioned if I really needed a "double eye lift" cream, thought it might be a bit excessive. Excessive?!? No. Way. I'm thinking, hit 'em hard, and hit 'em now! He also went into the spiel about how creams don't really get rid of wrinkles...of course I know this (I watched that Dateline with him!) Here's what he will never understand about me....if it makes me think they are improving and looking oh-so much better, then I am good. to. go! So, I've been using it for about 3 days now and guess what!?! I like what I see :) I think Mr. Eye Cream and I will be friends a long, long time...I'm sure there will eventually even be some new friends added to the cream collection. If you happen to have a long standing best friend cream that's proved their loyalty, I'd be happy to meet them! I know, I know, I am a sucker...and a marketers dream...I can deal with that! Happy weekend everybody!


  1. I recently spent probably 20 minutes at Walmart reading labels on ALL the moisturizers! 20 minutes! I just wanted something with retinol since I was convinced that was the ONLY kind that really worked!
    I do love The Olay anti-wrinkle stuff I got!
    Did you see Dr. Oz on Oprah? He says drinking lots of water has no effect on the quality of our skin! But that it does help dieters. yeah for diet cherry!!!

  2. Think I may try your new best friend. Since I hit 3-5 recently, I've been noticing those well-earned laugh-lines have been hanging around a lot more... It's good to have friends and all, but really now!

  3. You are soo funny! And I can so totally see my husband saying that to me!
    Love your blog!


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