Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sugar Please

This week, I decided that I since I have not been running as regularly as normal, due to a freakishly snowy/freezing February, I should probably stop eating everything in sight. You see, I have this little problem when it comes to food...I believe its called self-control. I can't eat one cookie and call it good....oh no, maybe half a dozen cookies later I will finally stop. One spoonful of cookie dough (this is my favorite)...nope. Half a batch of cookie dough...yep. You get the picture. So, this week it wasn't easy, but I did pretty well. Even this weekend!! But, I did learn a valuable lesson, that I'd like to pass on. While shopping with my sister on Saturday, we of course made a Starbucks stop. It's as if my mini van pulls itself into Starbucks...with its sweet little drive-through (I wish everything had a drive-through...especially for groceries) anyways, I decided to be good and order a sugar-free Carmel latte. And guess what I learned makes those lattes so irresistibly delicious?!? Yep, SUGAR! Now, usually if I'm trying to go light, I get a mocha light frappuccino, which is delicious...but the light lattes...not so much. Next time, since I'm paying $3 bucks for a coffee, I'm going all out :) Man, now I wish I had a latte....


  1. i justify sugar by saying it's the real thing.. instead of all those nasty chemical weird sweetners, so i say go for it!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this. I've been tempted to try the "skinny latte" but haven't yet. You just confirmed my suspicions, they are crappy. YAY!

    It's almost spring. This week looks promising for some out door running!

  3. I will also give confirmation that the "skinny latte's" are GROSS! I got a coupon to try a free one... who doesn't like free, right? Anyways, it was discusting! Oh, and if you're going with the real deal do what I do... WHOLE MILK!!!!
    p.s. Aren't you impressed that I read your blog? It was cute... you made me laugh and also want a latte now...good job, idiot! love ya!


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