Sunday, March 16, 2008

Love at First Sight

Sometime this winter...probably January, I fell hard for the color yellow. Generally, I've never been a huge fan of yellow...until this winter. Now, I can't get enough of this sunny, happy color! It seriously brightens my now, you can find yellow flowers, dishcloths, shirts, a jacket and even a pair of yellow ballet flats at my house. I'm also waiting till my husband has a week of vacation so I can paint the home office a lovely shade of creamy, buttery, yellow (from which I found in the Pottery Barn catalog!) I do have a tendency to overkill stuff a bit...we'll just call that a cute little "quirk" about me, rather than the really annoying quality that it is :)
This weekend I was in a little shop, and happened to find the CUTEST plastic plates for the kids to eat off of! They were a lovely shade of yellow, with stripes and polka dots. So. Stinking. Cute. Images of summertime and lemonade and burgers on the grill all flashed though my mind (yep, all inspired by the yellow plates) It was pretty much love at first sight....until, for some weird reason...I turned the plate over...and read, "not safe for dishwashers or microwaves." WHAT?!?! I think I may have shed a little tear. Who does that?!? Who makes plates that cannot go in EITHER the dishwasher or microwave!!! Isn't that the sole purpose of a plate? For a second, I tried to justify them...I can wash them by hand....I don't really use the microwave that much. Yeah. Right. I had to put the cute little plates back. At our house, 98% of plates at every meal involve both the dishwasher and microwave. Sometimes, you just have to let go of the ones you love...goodbye little plates...hopefully I can find a new love soon, ones that enjoy the microwave and the dishwasher!


  1. SERIOUSLY! Not safe for the dishwasher or microwave? That's like the dry clean only of the kitchen. Yellow is purdy.


    It shouts out happiness! :)


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