Monday, March 10, 2008

You know it's bad...

Last night, Jake, my two year old, came up to me and announced, "Odie need baph...him 'tinks!" You know the dog must stink. After all, Jake can have poopy pants that can be smelled from across town...yet when I ask him if he needs a new diaper he always says, "no, I cwean!"
If only they made Febreze for dogs. Our dog has needed a bath for quite some time...I usually put it off about 2 weeks past when he really needed it. It's not that giving him a bath is so's that the only thing that smells worse than a stinky dog, is a clean, wet, dog!! I even blow dry him as best I can, but until he's fully dry...bleh! So, both Odie and Jake got baths last night...not at the same time...although the boys couldn't see why that would be a problem...a little flea shampoo probably wouldn't hurt :)


  1. I think Odie doesn't even like wet dog smell.

  2. Bwahaha! I love Beth's comment! :-)
    The picture is too adorable. I REALLY hate wet dog smell--clean or dirty--too. And what's worse, I think that some brands (or non-brands) of toilet paper smell like that. Guess I should *always* use real *facial* tissue to blow my nose... Ick! ;-)

  3. that picture is priceless!! :)

    here's to fresh smelling dogs... and kids!

    ** at least he didn't have the opportunity to roll in cow pies like ours did yesterday... now, that... well, let's just say it would take 5 gallons of febreeze to even come close to fixing.

  4. His expression is hilarious.


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