Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For the Love of Awards and Haircuts

Ok, so it's my SECOND post about "The Award" today...I'm still obviously talking about it. I know what you're's a tad bit pathetic...but I promise it will wear off (eventually:)

I NEED to pass on the love though...and it is HARD! So, I decided that if I know you in real life...I cannot give you the award because I ABSOLUTELY can't pick between, I think all your blogs are fabulous because I know you in I know how great you are :) Instead of an award, I should give you chocolate or something...I owe you

I am going to pass it along to J @ (Always) In Development...we've never met in real life, but her writing and spiritual insights are honest, and raw, and deep...all at the same time. I now call her friend, and I always admire the depth to which she takes her posts! J- you make my day!

I had no idea awards were so much fun!?!

Anyways...on to the hair-cut.

Before: (Bleh)

After: The Straight Version!

After: The Curly Version

Oh the excitement in my life... HA!


  1. Your hair is way cute...both ways curly and straight!!!

  2. I love your hair! I am a cosmetologist in my B.C. life, before children. But I still do family and close firends at home.
    LOVE IT! Perfect for your jaw line. Love it curly, too.
    Just FYI, today is HairDresser Appreciation Day!BLessings,

  3. Strait, so sheik!
    Curly, as I said before, "I love your curls!"
    Yeah! for versatile hair!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome cut!!!totally makes brave enough to go even shorter!

    LOVE that you picked J!!!!! Isn't she amazing!

    Did you take these pics?


  5. Your hair is so cute and sassy! Love the curls at the bottom.

  6. Love the haircut. That's what I wish mine would do now!!! But it's TOOO curly!

    Oh, I know you don't really know me...but I'll take chocolate any day!! LOL

  7. WooHoo for awards!!

    WooHoo for haircuts too!!

    You look great, you WILL win more awards, and you make a lot of people smile! Keep it up!


  8. Super cute!! I love the curls!

    And guess what?! I FINALLY made an appointment for a cut/color! It's been four months, FOUR MONTHS! I'm so excited and want to try something new, but I'm having a hard time making a decision.

  9. Love it straight, love it even more curly. It looks fantastic Sarah!

  10. Love it curly! Way to be brave! Congrats on your award! Your blog is awesome, insightful, and fun to read!

  11. Congrats on the award. You so deserve it. Your blog often makes my day. Also your hair is spectacular. I love it.

  12. I love it! It looks great on you!
    I like the curls best! Michelle

  13. 1) Love your hair updates! Curly or straight...your new cut looks great! = )

    2) Congrats on your well-deserved award. Your blog is a great one. = )

    3) Because of your posts, I've now discovered two more great blogs! (Ponderings of a Pastors Wife and Always in Development). = )

    Happy day,

  14. Oh Sarah! I love your hair. The curly is just darling. I read your blog yesterday about your hair dilemma -- curly? -- straight? I thought about suggesting, since you are so pretty and couldn't seem to make up your mind, to consider -- bald :) I just couldn't bring myself to do that. You look great in both styles.

    Seriously, you could be a hair model -- gorgeous!


  15. So just last night I was looking at the hair I'm growing out (which is all of it--wasn't that a strange construction?)...Anyway, I was thinking, "WHAT am I DOING? This looks terrible!" Then I come on your blog and see you looking FABULOUS *TWO* ways--when I can't even look great in one--and I think, "She probably doesn't know how amazing her hair is." So I'm here to tell you that your hair--straight or curly--is AMAZING! Now I'm gonna go repent for the other thoughts I had... LOL!

    AND, I'm here to tell you thank you! I've never gotten a blog award before, and you really did make my day! Now, I must ponder passing it on... Hmmmmm....

    Really, thank you. I count you as a friend too, and I love that God used the internet and my (and your) new-found compulsion(s) to blog to connect us.

    May your day be filled with opportunities to see His hand at work...

  16. Love the haircut!! That is how I would wear my hair if I was "allowed" to cut it. That makes me think- I should probably rename my blog "my life in a ponytail."

  17. Oh so fun! My hair cut is really quite similar...but only to the straight version of yours. It is the straightest hair you'll ever meet! I love, LOVE this cut. It is the easiest to take care of that I've ever had. Which, as you WELL know, is a must for mommys of three boys... :)
    Congrats on the award too! you do a great job!

  18. So cute! Your hair looks good straight or curly!

  19. dang you are so cute!! and i thought it looked great before!!

  20. OMG- LOVE your hair!!! Love it!

    And I hope you dont think I am psycho but I am in the process of updating my links on my page and I just added you. This link updating only happens once in a blue mooon.


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