Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Than You Want To Know...

How nice & sweet & wonderful are my blog friends?!?! Seriously, you all are so KIND!!! I'm sorta thinking I could have gone back to my elementary days of the mullet hair cut, and ya'll woulda told me how fabulous I looked :) Where were you all in Junior High when I was all insecure about EVERYTHING!?!

I have nothing very exciting to share today...except that I survived getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist yesterday. I have mentioned before, that I am extremely not-fond of the dentist. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Dentist and his super nice hygienist are lovely's them messing around in my mouth that puts them on my "top most terrible things" list...along with nursing homes...but that is another post.

It took (what seemed like) forever to get these teeth cleaned. The super-sweet hygienist gave me the whole routine about the importance of flossing (which I admitted to her I rarely do, because I hate it) and then made me watch a VIDEO on Periodontal (Gum) Disease. Yep. A MOVIE! I think she figured the nice-guy routine was obviously not was time to scare me into did scare me. BUT, (thankfully) I do not have gum disease yet...but according to the video, I am on the slippery slope to eventually having all of my teeth fall out. The miracle cure? Floss. Please Jesus come back soon so I don't have to use floss...because we both know I'm not gonna do it...and my teeth will all fall out. It looks like I do have to go back in 6 weeks for some "deep crevices"...whatever Mr. Dentist guy...but I'll see you in least it will give me something to blog about *wink, wink*

I did leave with a plethora of junk. 1 toothbrush, 1 end-tufted brush, 1 coupon for Crest mouth rinse, 4 packs of floss and 1 booklet on the evils of Periodontal (Gum) Disease. I think the last time I got a "goodie" bag I

So..if you're me...what do you do right after you have spent an hour of your life letting a nice lady dig at your gums and scrape, and scrape, and SCRAPE at your teeth? McDonald's....of course. #3 please. I rewarded myself with a quarter-pounder, french fries and a Coke. I know, I know...there's SO many things wrong with that picture... *SMILES*


  1. I laughed ALL the way thru this post!!!!

    (the word verifcation thingy is much better since I complained about it! I think somehow they knew they were WAY too distorted for simple folks like me to's is "Cake"! whew! toughest part of my day...done..."

  2. I too am not a fan of the dentist. I think I'll print this out to read the day of my next appointment just to remember I'm not alone!!

    Happy Thursday to you Sarah!

  3. Ugh, I feel your pain! Going to the dentist is up there on my list of "don't love at all.."
    I found out this morning that I have wisdom tooth that "has to come out." Super fun for me on May 12!
    Love your blog, by the way, and the haircut is super cute!
    Jennifer ( a fellow PW and mom of 2)

  4. I'm not a diligent flosser either. Bet you are glad to have the dentist appointment done with.

  5. I cannot stand the dentist! Sadly, I have to be medicated before I go! So no McD's for me after, I come straight home and go to bed! How crazy is that! My kids go like it's nothing.

    I looked and I am doing the same Beth Moore Book! I *think* I am on chapter 3 ~ I wanted to ask you to about the bible study that y'all are doing. Is that on dvd? Like do you watch it as a group and then talk about it? I am totally stepping out of my comfort zone and going to start up a ladies bible study group at church. I looked at the one you had listed (it comes with a dvd but I'm not sure if it is for the group or leader) and printed off a sample chapte adn it looks wonderful. I was also thinking maybe one of the Beth Moore ones. My sister in law did one of those a while back and really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for leaving me a comment about Miss Sarah. She does indeed have an ear infection. Poor thing!
    Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

  6. my hands are all sweaty for you. does it help lying in the dentist's chair with cute hair??

  7. Mel: I SO WISH it did...Michelle up there said she gets special medication...I want some of that! Today I had to go back, with Noah, and they gave him "happy gas." When I go back in 6 weeks, they better have some happy gas with my name on it!!!

  8. Ok...I seriously laughed out loud at the "jesus please come back soon line..." for I feel the same way about flossing.
    I would rather use "stim-u-dent" - sortof like a toothpick...but used for flossing dentist always gives me a choice.

  9. There are some universal awful experiences -- Dentists visits are definitely on the list. I love the McD's reward!!! :)

  10. Just read your comment on my "Teacher Tale." Church kids are so special...I do a 6 to 10 year old class on Tuesday night. This Tuesday, we had a tea party....We use the High Point curriculum which has a theme, a country and a scripture tied into 5 lessons. We're doing "Respect", London, England and I Peter 2:17(a). Such fun!

  11. You are too funny!!! I think everyone hates the dentist!!
    Now go floss! Ha ha!

  12. You crack me up! Have you tried flossing picks? WONDERFUL. I honestly floss everyday now. I was flossing twice a day because I love them so much and I just got my braces off, but my hubby reminded me that they are a wee bit pricey and over flossing is not necessary.

  13. LOVE the hair.

    Not a fan of dentists! I had 7 cavities after being pregnant for 3 years!

    And...I just tagged you.

  14. I love it! And I would so be at McD's right along with you!

  15. I hate getting yelled at at the dentist. That's my first criteria for finding one when I move .. someone who doesn't yell at me. I figure I'm at least maintenance-ing by showing up for the check-up and should get some credit for that. After all, they're my teeth and by now - esp after all the elementary school vidoes - we know the issues so why be so personally offended Mr. Dentist? BTW, I have a really nice dentist right now.

    I love that someone else's uses the word plethora. I use it a lot and get funny looks. But I live in a place where the use of multiple polysyllabic words in a paragraph is cause for suspicion. That's ok, I have my own things that make me give funny looks.


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