Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Said I Would...

Here goes. I may have mentioned something in this post about sharing preggo pics. I am a woman of my word...even when my word, this time, is probably a really bad idea.

It all started when my beautiful friend, Shell, who's having her first baby, said she felt huge. HA!...Oh Shell....this ones for you, hope it makes you feel better :)
This is me 3 weeks before Noah was born (2001)...THIS is huge.

Notice the black from head to toe...who was I kidding?!? Not even black could slim that baby body down!

And here is why it was totally worth it...Absolutely Priceless!


  1. Ok, so this totally made me feel better! haha! You still looked really cute though! I'm finally getting really excited and less scared. I think Aunt Barb is throwing me a baby shower in July. I'll keep you posted...then you can take my photo and put it on your blog! Love you! Shell

  2. HA! I can beat that. But I don't have a scanner. Heth might have a photo of me though. Seriously, I beat that hands down.

  3. okay, I am officially pathetic! Just the photo of him as a newborn makes me tear up! I wanna sqeeze him!
    Clearly my sis in laws need to hurry up and have their newborns!
    One is scheduled to arrive on May 20th via c-section!!!!! yipee!!!

  4. It is completely amazing how far a body can stretch. I still have my stretch marks and it's been 9 months. I'm holding on to the fact that they will stay with me always. What a precious reminder they have become to that wonderful time in my life. PS- Love the hair! So fresh and vibrant!

  5. You look adorable pregnant. I don't care what you say.

  6. are are adorable, so is noah!! look at all that hair,what a handsome little guy!!

  7. uh, that would be "you" are adorable!!

  8. Precious! And I love your hair cut!


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