Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is it Monday Yet?

It has been an eventful few days for us. So much so, that I don't know how to post about it...except for a bullet point list, with pictures, of course.

  • It has been raining A LOT. We are all tired of it...but can't seem to stop talking about it.
  • Saturday at 4:30 AM we awoke to the sounds of sirens. They were meant to notify our tiny town that it was filling with water. As I peered out the front windows of our home, in the dark, all I could see was water. Not touching us...but surrounding our neighbors homes just one block south of us. I, of course, did the most helpful thing....I cried. Like a baby. For them...and the mess...and the feeling of helplessness. So helpful. After a cup of coffee I was finally able to pull myself together enough to pray (while crying.)
  • The sun is shining today...and the water is receding, and the amazing people of my tiny town will clean up, and go about life as usual. I have much to learn from them.
  • We helped my parents move to a new home this weekend. It was a long, tiring day, but lots of fun too...all hanging out together. There was lots of laughter...especially when my sister told me that she heard from mom that I signed up for a marathon. WHAT?!? My mom had read on my blog about the race, I signed up for....she apparently missed the FOUR mile part of the race :) HA! She now has to go back to work and tell everyone that her daughter is NOT running a 26.2 mile race...but a FOUR mile race! It's OK, it's happened to her before. Once, when my teenage brother bought one of those little Fiaro cars...she told the ladies at work he bought a "Ferrari." Once she realized her blunder, she understood why they had all looked at her so strangely :) What teenager buys a Ferrari?!? Cracks me you mom :)

More proof that boxes are better than toys.

This is my sweet little niece, Maddy...just had to throw in the pic so you can all see how cute she is.

That's our weekend in a nutshell. Now...I seriously need a nap.


  1. The pictures of the boys and Maddie made me smile! The picture of the water....Not so much!

  2. you look so at peace with a baby girl in your arms...hmmm?? I think you need one of those! just think...
    well, I just had to make you laugh today!

  3. Oh my, oh my! Praying that the water goes down quickly.

  4. You do seriously need a nap!!! I always feel so sad when disaster strikes -- flood, fire, storm, etc. Hope all is back to rights soon!

  5. Hope you were able to get a nap today. Sounds like an exhausting weekend. Praying for all the people affected by all that water, hope it goes down quickly.
    Cute pics!

  6. Spring floods are so frustrating and leave such a mess. I'm glad the water is receding.

    Here's hoping you got a GREAT nap.

  7. Whew! What a weekend.

    I'm glad the water is going down, how scary!

  8. Oh come on you know that you want to do 26.2 miles... you know you do! Ha! I'll stick with you for the 4 miler, but if you decide to get crazy and do something bigger... well you're on your own baby! Gotta love your mom! :)
    Glad to hear the water is going down!

  9. Floods are no fun. I remember sandbagging with my dad at Grandma's house back in '93.

  10. Lucky you aren't flooded anymore!!

    Isn't it amazing all the things you can play with a box???


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