Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It May Be Boring...

Ya'll must have had a s-l-o-w Monday! Know how I know?!? Here's how...I had a record number of visitors AND comments on a post about old, dated wallpaper :) God Bless you all for humoring me and totally making my day! I sure wish I had something really wonderful and spiritual to share with you in return...but...I don't. I'm afraid it's a bullet-point list day...
  • Interesting thing about projects...when you update one thing, then the rest of the stuff all of a sudden looks worse than it did before. Why?!? For example...the gold carpet in the hallway perfectly matched the wallpaper. Back in the day...I'm sure it was wonderful. Then, along comes me, and changes the wall color and behold: now the gold carpet looks like...well...gold carpet :) Let's all begin praying that I now fall head over heels with gold!
  • I have been hearing the sounds of lawnmowers...which is music to my ears. Now, you should know, the grass here is just barely starting to turn green. People in my tiny town are not actually riding their lawnmowers in order to mow...they're just taking them for a cruise around town. When we first moved here, I found this a tad peculiar. But now...its part of me. You can't miss the sound of a riding lawn mower coming down the street...my kids run to the windows to see who it is this time. I haven't actually participated in this yet...but this just might be the summer. Now you know why I love this town...and why I just "fit." Quirky.
  • We have Ladies Bible Study tonight, YAY! This weeks study is on pride...and Nancy Leigh DeMoss has been doing a great job of hurting mine the past two weeks! Whatever it takes for there to be more of Him and LESS of me!!!
  • Today I get to clean the bathroom. Joy. If it weren't for 10 ladies coming to my home every-other week, it may never get done. Hopefully none of them pull back the shower curtain, because I am not responsible for what they may see...it is not on the list today.
  • I'll actually leave you with something worthwhile. In my Bible reading this morning, God brought me to this passage...and I know why.

Micah 6:8 "God has told you that He wants, and this is all it is: to be fair and just and merciful, and to walk humbly with your God."

Enjoy your Tuesday!!


  1. Just remember that gold is a yellow color! :-)

    Okay, the riding-lawn-mower parade made me laugh! Quirky indeed! LOL!

    I am the same way on my bathroom: hate cleaning it, but having discipleship group at my house every other week ensures that it does actually get *cleaned*, not just *wiped*, every once in a while!


  2. The lawn mower thing makes me laugh also. How funny.

    Maybe the gold carpets are supposed to remind of the streets of gold we are waiting for in Heaven. Hee Hee.

    I love to clean the bathrooms. Just kidding. Actually that is my girls' job. I usually have to go in behind them because they miss lots of it. Three young boys and a dh do not make bathroom fun.

  3. another cute post!
    Gold carpet.....would match my gold bathroom! You'll get used to it! OR you'll paint again!
    Yesterday my neighbor was on his mower, looked like he was mowing...he was even dumping grass clippings from the bag in the back of the mower! FIgure that out!!???!!!!?? Had to leaves right?
    Okay, reality check....you get lots of comments cause you are awesome at cute posts! WE love them! AND HAVE TO COMMENT! Cause we want more! You make even pealing wallpaper funny! Well, it really is your life that is funny....your boys! AND you tell the stories as only you can tell them!

  4. oh girl i am the queen at stuffing things when company comes...

    hope you had a great time with bible study!


  5. we have a vbs song once that was based on that verse.. it's now humming through my mind. but that means nothing to you if you don't know what i'm talking about....
    i say do the lawn mower, you could pull a wagon behind with the boys. i love lawn mowers. i might just post about that. anyway.. i'll leave you alone now. i might be boring.

  6. i ordered a copy of of "Seeking Him" a while back and it came in the mail yesterday. I guess that means i have to open it and start doing it now... :) I had actually considered getting it a few months ago, then my sisters started talking about going through it with Bible study group, and you began posting about it. I figured that was te push I needed to go ahead with it. I've read a few nancy books, so i know that I am in for a kick in the pants. :)

  7. My children have taken over the cleaning of their bathroom- Hallelujah!! It's amazing what a couple of little people with a spray bottle of Method Eucalyptus Mint all purpose cleaner and some paper towels can do! Okay- that's kind of just "wiping." I do have to actually deep clean it once in a while.
    We have one guy that rides around the neighborhood on his lawn mower- just one- we call him "lawn mower man"- original, right. Anyway he's actually kind of scary and not so much a cute and quirky kind of thing. Like he has been known to cut random people's lawns that he doesn't know including cutting down some flowers. That made the lady down the street just a tad bit annoyed. How nice that your lawn mower guys are the kind you can let your kids wave at:) I tell mine not to look at ours!

  8. When you decide to ride your mower around the town, would you please take a picture. It would make a great blog post...something that would make me smile!

  9. I can picture it now, Sarah riding down small town mainstreet on a lawnmower wearing yellow shoes. What a sight.


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