Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tiny Town

Yesterday's post on the quirkiness of my tiny town has got me thinking. Every tiny town has its quirks...its part of what makes them so wonderful. I am, of course, biased, but I happen to think that my tiny town is one of the absolute best.
I grew up is a small town (only about 20 minutes from the tiny town I live in now.) The town I grew up in was about 10,000 people. It had a private college, Wal-Mart, 2 grocery stores, fast food and lots of pizza places. I loved growing up there...until high-school...when I decided in all my infinite knowledge...that I was meant to live in the city. I came to this conclusion after endless nights of sitting around with friends, trying to think of something to do!
After Ben and I got married, we immediately moved up to Minneapolis, MN so he could go to seminary. I loved the city. I especially loved shopping in the city. And happened. I had my first baby about 3 years into our stay there...and I was ready to head back to the small town.
It's not that there was anything wrong with the was the simple fact that I am a small town girl, through and through. Little did I know how small town I really am!!! Had you told me, in high school, that I would eventually live in a smaller town, I would have given you a hearty "what- Ever." It turns out, I'm not just a small-town girl...I'm a tiny town girl. A "population of 637 people" tiny town, (according to the US Census Bureau.) I happen to think that the town is a tad bigger than that...but who am I to argue with The Bureau.
What on earth can possibly be so fantastic about this town?!? (I know you're dying to find out)
Here are just some of things that make it great...
  • My neighbors. Especially Marlas (& her fam.) We car-pool, swap kids, and she even puts up with having to look at all the toys that get left all over our yard :) She also grew up in this tiny town, and was kind enough to introduce me to lots of people. I still call her to ask who is who and how they're connected to so and so (because everyone here is connected somehow!) She helped me, in all my weirdness, to feel like I fit in, and that it priceless!
  • Everyone that lives in town has a PO Box rather than getting mail delivered to your home (unless you live on Main St. I think) Anyways, everyday I go and get to run into people at the post office...usually the same people, because, apparently we're on the same schedule :)
  • The post office is closed from 12-2. I'm not quite sure why. It just is.
  • We have a bank, library, tiny cafe, and a hardware store (which is run by my other neighbor.) People can smoke in the hardware store...but not in the bank or library.
  • We did have a bar...but it closed. I don't care for bars, so it made me *smile*
  • On Main park in the center of the road. But only on Main St. I really need to get a pic of that...
  • 3 churches. Ours is the little one, across from the big one...that's generally how I give directions :)
  • The school system is AWESOME! We combine with another small town and so far I love it. I had always told Ben, that if we were within an hour of our home town, that I would drive our kids to that school :) Well, we're 20 minutes, but I have no urge to open enroll, and that says something :)
  • The town floods. It used to flood much worse...but now there's a dike so its not as bad. People from other towns like to joke about it...I like to launch into a lengthy explanation of the dike that was built :) We live on "Water Street"...but we don't get water...Praise God!
  • We're only 10 minutes from a small city...and 20 minutes to get into the city to Starbucks. That is important.
  • I frequent the gas station on a daily basis, for bread, milk and cheap bananas. And donuts, but lets not talk about that.
  • The people are just...kind. Everyone waves to everyone, and you chat like you're friends...even if you've just met.
  • There's so much more...but this is getting way too get the idea!
In the end...I know that my true love for this town is something supernatural that God has done in my heart. There are no logical explanations for the love. It is simply that this is where He has called us to minister to His people...this is where He's made us fit. I am so crazy-thankful for that!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful life! Isn't God so good?!?!

  2. You're making tiny town life sound pretty sweet to this city girl. If my hubby had his way, we'd live in Mayberry. I'm slowly coming around to his (and your) way of thinking...

  3. I have a theory about this.

    I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and lived most of my adult life in San Diego.

    Five years ago, we moved to a small town in Southern Minnesota. It was a HUGE shock for me, culturally speaking.

    I somewhat adapted to small-town living, but it eventually became clear that my husband and I could not live there long-term. We never "fit in." We moved back to the Cities last fall.

    Likewise, I have many dear friends from that small town who went to "the U" in the Twin Cities. But after a short stint in the city, they were ready to move "back home."

    So my theory is -- you're most comfortable in your native environment. For some people, that's the city. For some people, that's a small town. Both have pros and cons. It's just a matter of what you are used to.

  4. Hmmm...perhaps I am forever destined to live on the edge of a large city...except that the city I live on the edge of is not too large--only about 1/2 mil in the greater city area.
    Uh...based on that last statement, I think I'd have to say we aren't the same kind of city/town people. I'm pretty sure I consider 1/2 mil small and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. :-D Nevertheless, we both love where God has planted us...and THAT is WONDERFUL! :-)

  5. I can't believe you left out the "curb thing"! Guess that can be another "tiny town " post!
    LOVE this post!!! you are such a joy to read!!!!
    love you!!!!
    can't wait!
    only three more days!!!!

  6. Beth: How could I foret the curbs?!? When I was young I was appalled that some towns did not have curb/gutter...guess what my tiny town does NOT have? Yep. I changed my mind :)

  7. Sounds perfect to me!! I'm sure you are a breath of fresh air to your "tiny town!" :)

    You're definitely fresh air in blog world.

  8. Oh I miss it there! And don't forget, the town you grew up in has the BEST chinese restaurant EVER! I have yet to find one as good. And I miss Casey's pizza and donuts too. I hope someday we'll end back there, but I really do love it here in my little town in our house in the hills.


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