Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Process

If you stop by my house today, you will find me upstairs, buried in clothes. Yesterday I started, what I like to call, "The Process." It's the bi-annual shifting of the clothes. This time it's from cold weather to warm.

It is a monumental task...involving many, MANY piles. It is also a 2-day minimum project. Yesterday I got Noah & Eli's closet (somewhat)weeded out, but I ran out of time to dig in the attic to find the containers of warm weather clothing and complete the switcheroo, so the piles that were left from yesterday have now been rummaged through. I should know better.

I am drowning in boys clothes. As many of you know, when you have 3 kids of the same sex, hand-me-downs are FANTASTIC! But...storing them, and sorting them...big job. Here's where the piles come in...
Piles: Jake too small, Eli too small but still too big for Jake, Eli grow into, Noah too small but too big for Eli, Noah grow into, will fit Jake, will fit Eli, will fit Noah, stuff I never want to see again, stuff in bad condition, stuff in good condition...and on and on and on.
The other problem I'm running into is....my attic (where I store everything) is a DISASTER (thanks to me)! I can barely get in there to get the containers in and out...really, someone should do something about that! :) Oh yeah...I guess that would be me.
Today, the to-do list is Jake's closet and mine and Ben's....it's lofty, I know. We have too much stuff (me especially.) Have you ever wanted to just get rid of everything except 5 shirts, pants, undies, etc?!? I know that there are people who do it...and I admire that. I think it would save on laundry...and this whole "process" would be MUCH easier. I'm not that brave yet. Maybe by the end of the day, I will be!
PS - blogger hates me today. It will not keep my paragraphs seperated, no matter how many times I change it. I give up.


  1. There is a certain joy in knowing you no longer need a certain size/ gender of clothes, and just giving them away!

  2. I did the switcheroo last weekend! Now I only have life five shirts that fit! ahhh!

  3. Oh, I hate this job! I am right in the middle of it too. Instead of a couple of days it has turned into weeks! I have those boxes all over the house. I have 3 girls ~ I feel your pain~ Sometimes I just want to get rid of EVERYTHING and start over. My goodness, I have such a mess. Sarah (toddler) got into the boxes and now everything is mixed up and I have to go through them again (sigh)
    Thanks for stopping by this morning!

  4. Tough days(s). Just don't quit and it will get done! :-D Good luck!

  5. You will be so glad when you get it all done. It will feel so good to have it accomplished.

  6. I just went through this process. I took 12 bags of clothing and toys to Good Will yesterday.

  7. I feel your pain! I've been at that same job. BUT I'm keeping a positive attitude about it because it's warm, the grass is green, my flowers are peeking through, and the kids can GO OUTSIDE!! Yippee!

  8. Ugh! I've been doing the switcheroo for over a week now. Little bit at a time and we'll get there eventually! Three girls sharing one dresser makes it super tricky.

  9. Oh, I'm doing that same tango right now. Making it even more complicated is the fact that we live in a small townhouse right now, and I don't have room to have two wardrobes sitting out while ...
    a. I go through everything and
    b. Mother Nature makes up her mind about what season it is today.

    I think this is one of those universal struggles of motherhood (in the Western world, anyway).

  10. Maybe you want to come do that at my house when you're done. Too bad I live so far away :)

  11. Good times. I feel your pain. I also hate to admit how happy I am that your attic is a disaster. Your attic and my storage room should meet...


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