Friday, May 16, 2008

Before and After...Again

I have to say a HUGE thanks to my friend, Shell, who made the amazing header! Doesn't it look fabulous!?! Getting it loaded was a big pain in the butt (for her...I gave up after 2 seconds.) She's super talented...and preggo right now and so stinking cute! I love her. You should probably go tell her thank you for saving you from looking at my generic header for ONE MORE DAY!

Ya'll know I LOVE a good before & after theme. It probably explains why I feel the need to watch any sort of make-over show, or buy any magazine that has before & after shots...there's just something about it...the transformation inspires me.

So, I've been talking about my first born here and here, oh yeah, and here. Today he turns 7. I will (of course) spend the day reminiscing about the day of his birth. I've already looked through the photo album, twice. I will spare you the details, except to say (again) that he was 9lbs 13 oz, I was induced, pushed for a hour and a half and had a 4th degree tear (for those of you who've had this, I can feel your empathy...for those who haven't, don't worry, I won't describe it for you.) He was perfect. He was my first. He made me a mom...and my love for him cannot be put into words.

So, my friends, you deserve before & after shots.



Time really does go so, so fast. I want to remember every little detail of his cute little smile with teeth missing all over the place. In seven more years he will be 14...excuse me while I go bawl....ok, really I'm fine :) I know, in my head, that Noah was not given to me so that I could keep him...he was given to me by the Lord for me to love, and train. To help him become a man of God, so that he could grow....UP...but my heart wants to keep him small....just for awhile longer...Happy Birthday precious boy.

This is totally off the subject, BUT, this morning, I actually contemplated moving the coffee-maker to the desk in the office. I mean, really, who says the coffee-maker HAS to go in the kitchen?!? There's room on the desk...and it would save me about 17 steps each way...we're talking 34 steps each time I need a refill! (and yes, I actually had to write 17+17 on paper to add it.) I think this is genius. Pure genius.

Happy Friday, friends!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your boy! My oldest is 7.

    Love your coffee idea! :)

  2. Happy B-Day, DS#1!
    P.S. The coffeemaker idea is pure genius, no doubt!

  3. Okay, I am laughing, crying and sniffling!
    FUN fun post!

  4. Happy birthday Noah! Yes I love the header!!! How about one of those hats where you could store the coffee and drink as you go??Too hot?? Maybe an iv drip!! Ha ha!!

    Happy Friday friend!

  5. Hope you have a super duper fantastic birthday Noah!

  6. By the way, I'm still not happy with the's all pixilated? I may keep playing during when I have a chance!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    I love wondering what a child will look like a year from now, 5 years from now, and when they "grow up". :) You two are adorable!

  8. Totaly understand the "growing pains"! I just realize the other day, our youngest is tall enough to spit in the sink. It made me cry!
    LOVE the header!
    Maybe you can find a cute tray to carry the coffee pot on. ( I was thinking making the coffee might be a pain out side of the kitchen, but this was my solution.)

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet little one!

    By the way I LOVE your header!

  10. Sweet Sara, Happy Birthday to #1 son. You look even younger today than then-please pray for my #1 girl -she is having some problems I will share when I am able.
    Have a blessed Friday and Birthday of your baby- love your new header.
    :o) Lorie

  11. Happy birthday to your son -- and sweet memories to you. I always feel like the parents should get special props on birthdays. It's such a bittersweet celebration.

    The one caution I have about moving the coffee is -- what would happen if the coffee pot overflows or otherwise malfunctions? Most kitchens are better set up to deal with that scenario. Plus, you aren't risking any other electronic equipment (computer, printer, etc.) in the kitchen. Our coffee pot has decided to break at the most inconvenient times. I can't imagine finding a puddle of coffee on my desk that has poured down into my carpet and electronic gear.

  12. Ha! 17 + 17....I love how you admitted that you added it up on paper. ;)

    Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

    And, I love the header! Even though I don't really know you, it seems like it suits your beautiful and happy personality perfectly. :)

  13. Precious, precious! I understand about the reminiscing. My son has heard his "birth" story so many times, but he still sweetly tolerates it (19 years later!) You are a wise Momma to savor time with your son. Trust me when I tell you with every birthday, time seems to move a little quicker.

    Happy Birthday little man! (LOVE that name, Noah!)

    Blessings & happy weekend!
    Tracy = )

  14. Love the before and after shots and Happy birthday sweet Noah!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Noah. Wishing you a terrific weekend to enjoy becoming the big 7!!! I love your teeth by the way, they make you look so handsome!
    ...and I need to talk shelli into making my header as pretty as yours!!..

  16. Your Noah is a gift that you are doing great and mighty things with!

    Continue to be the great mama, coach, cheerleader, and friend you are to him & he will go GREAT places!

    May you know today & EVERY day Noah - that you are loved and special!

    Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy birthday to Noah!! I also really love that name.
    You need a huge mug, that will not empty, for your coffee. :) I love how every one is trying to help out and really cares about your daily coffee consumption. How awesome is blogging??!!

  18. Hope your boy's birthday was a sweet one. He is so cute and so is your new header! Time does go so quickly, but it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job at being an amazing mom.

  19. I love coming here.

    This post made me cry. Your "after" picture, for reasons I cannot explain, really choked me up. And then I read on... my firstborn's name is Noah, too. He just turned 5.
    It's funny to me, seeing your Noah with all of those missing teeth (so cute!). Our Noah is terrified of losing his! :) His Daddy just had some wisdom teeth out and was in alot of pain for several days, so he now relates tooth loss to that. :)


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