Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random "Boringness"

Can I get an Amen?!? You all blessed the red-patent (p)leather shoes right off of me yesterday!! Your SUPER thoughtful comments were such a huge encouragement to me...God spoke to me through you. I'm actually now looking forward to this particular journey...

OK, on to today...

  • I wish I could record an hour of my morning sitting at the computer...because it actually involves very little sitting. If you watched it in fast would show me (in my green fleece robe & bed head) sitting at the computer, trying to come up with a post, while my 5 & 2 year olds come in and out CONSTANTLY needing something...get up, sit down, get up, sit down....and accomplished: NOTHING!!! The little rascals, need nothing until I sit down at the computer. Why? WHY!?!?

  • My super-wonderful-lovely friend made me a new non-generic header for my is fantastic...but I (in my computer "idiotness") can't figure out how to load it...I'm waiting for her step-by-step instructions, and then I will share it with you in all its "fabulousness!"

  • My first-born turns 7 tomorrow. I am normally a very non-sentimental type person, but something about my children's birthdays makes me weepy. Yesterday, when I watched him walk into school, he turned around and waved and I started bawling. Nice. This from the mom who didn't cry AT ALL when he went to cries at the end of the school year. Go figure.

  • He picked donuts for his treat to take to school. Perfection. I went in to the local gas station, ordered 2 dozen donuts and...DONE! I love "making" treats to take to school. HA! As I just re-read this sentence I tiny town the gas station is also the local bakery and grocery store too :)

  • I have got a lot of junk to do today...junk I've put off all week...sorting paper work, actually putting the laundry get the idea. Plus, I should get dressed...who wants to visit the parsonage and find the pastor's wife all scuzzy in her green bathrobe?

Oh My. This may be the most boring post EVER! Sorry...come back again, it will be better...hopefully :)

UPDATE: while I was linking to everything, a man from church DID stop by, he needed me to unlock the church!! Lovely. *smiles*


  1. IT's not boring! I am laughing! somehow I don't believe that the bathrobe is really scuzzy! OR that you looked scuzzy!
    you could post a picture to prove me wrong, though!

    ha ha!

  2. I agree not BORING! Heehee! My brother in law is a pastor and people show up during the day when my sister in law isn't expecting it ~ I can't help but laugh when she shares her stories! And when I read about you picking up donuts at the gas station I was SO laughing!

  3. While in college, I made doughnuts for a small gas station in our area. We were in suburbia, so no 'tiny town' excuses for us! I didn't eat a doughnut for YEARS after that. Bleh. ;-)

    Glad you (p)leather shoes were blessed off. That's the cool thing about sharing our burdens. You were blessed, and so were we. :-)

  4. LOV YOUR NEW HEADER!! :) Beautiful like you. :)
    Having a good laugh over the unexpected visitor who got to see the awesome robe.

  5. I love reading about your day....never fear, you have a talent for making it all
    interesting! :)

    Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words to me....I appreciate it more than you know.

  6. Cute header!

    I love that your gas station is also the donut shop.

  7. Happy anniversary of your first time giving birth!! I'm weepy now too! You've made me think about my oldest's birthday and that day that I became a mommy and life changed FOREVER- in a beautiful, blessed, crazy, wonderful way! I think that's why our kids birthday's make us so emotional!

  8. The header is adorable, love it, love it!!

  9. You are never ever boring and I love your new header

  10. Totally not a boring post! I would be seriously embarrassed if people stopped by before noon some days... shoot, I would be embarrassed before 3pm some days... LOL
    I would love it if you added me to the blogroll!
    Have a great one!

  11. Oh, and if you live in a place where the gas station is also the bakery, is the video store also the tanning salon? That's the way it is 'round here! HA!

  12. That header is perfect. Totally you.

    These are my favorite kind of posts.

  13. LOVE your new header! It's perfect! Your post today is NOT boring. It's real life...classic Sarah and we love it (especially the part about you being scuzzy in your green bathrobe!) ; )

  14. Love your new header!

    Laughing that someone actually did stop by. :)

  15. Boringness... HAH!

    That is NOT you!

    Great header, great post, great, great, great!

    Happy Thursday to you Sarah!

  16. Love the new header! :) Oh, and I tried on some red patent leather shoes at (of all places) Super Walmart yesterday. It took immense self control not to hurl them in my cart and bolt for the register! :) I found a great new website for ordering shoes Just got two pair via UPS today! :)

  17. The header is fab! Smiles! And, I'm a sometimey crier, too. I didn't cry at the first day of pre-k, but I did when i got her school pictures in a cap and gown. Yes, pre-k, cap and gown, crazy I know!

  18. Love the new header! It is fantabulous!

  19. Oh, I'm laughing! He saw you "all scuzzy"!? Haha! That's hilarious! And I love the word scuzzy. :)

    Also, I'm not a weepy person (generally) either but there is something about my kids, and it comes at the most random times too! One day it just hits you that they're growing up and you're not really okay with that. At least once a day I have those "grow up already" moments, but when I really SEE them, it always makes me cry.

    And I love that you refer to your town as "tiny town". That's just cute.

    Also, also - I love your new header. It IS fabulous!

    Have a happy Wednesday!! And don't let anybody see you all scuzzy (although I've seen your pictures and you're seriously beautiful, so I bet you "scuzzy" isn't that bad!)


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