Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Big One

It's tradition...or something like that. It's my 100th post...which means that since the end of February...I have blogged, ummm A LOT! Wonder how much time I've spent reading blogs? *cough* Let's not go there. Anyways, (or neways as I discovered the youngins are texting these days) its been a big week for me in blog-land. This week I had the MOST comments I've ever had on one post...24, I think :) AND I finally had over 100 visits in one day!! I'd been so close, 95, 97, but yesterday FINALLY! WOO HOO! I know, I know, it's not huge, but those of you with piddly little blogs, like get it.

So here's stuff you already know, or maybe wish you didn't know...and maybe a few new ones. Maybe.

  1. In the words of DC Talk...I'm a Jesus Freak : avid enthusiast. Love of my life.

  2. Wife to an amazingly loving, patient, handsome, gentle and forgiving man

  3. Mom of boys

  4. friend, daughter, sister

  5. I love...Red shoes

  6. patent leather shoes

  7. heels

  8. ballet flats

  9. the smell of cut grass

  10. Coke Zero

  11. chocolate (anything)

  12. Starbucks

  13. Target

  14. Gap

  15. J Crew

  16. Not cooking

  17. Tulips & Daisies

  18. blogging
  19. Having a tan!

  20. my cell phone

  21. caffeine
  22. The Living Bible

  23. Leeland, Toby Mac, Casting Crowns

  24. The smell of my boys after a bath

  25. baby clothes

  26. photos

  27. being with other believers

  28. I was 20 when I got married

  29. 23 when I had my first baby

  30. 24 when I had my second baby

  31. and 27 when I had my 3rd baby

  32. I always wanted 4 kids...but now I think 3 is good :)

  33. love women's ministry

  34. I get annoyed with people who take themselves too seriously

  35. I could eat McDonald's french fries every single day

  36. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom

  37. still have a crush on my husband

  38. love days when I don't have to go anywhere

  39. but not too many of them in a row, because then I get stir-crazy!

  40. Our dog's barking makes me want to pull my hair out

  41. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive...blogging, for example

  42. I have no self control if sweets are around. Can't eat just one. Ever.

  43. I love to listen to music LOUD...if its soft, it annoys me.

  44. I do not have an appreciation for art, classical music, etc. I am not "cultured"

  45. I am very bad at returning library books on I avoid the library

  46. I have never eaten in a restaurant by myself...just the thought of it horrifies me :)

  47. Did I mention I don't enjoy cooking ;)

  48. I like the house neat and organized...but it's too big of a job

  49. I have learned to appreciate hymns, but I prefer more contemporary

  50. I became a follower of Jesus when I was almost 15.

  51. My first car was an '82 Cutlass Supreme...the size of a boat.

  52. I adore my 2003 Dodge Caravan...its silver and for no reasonable explanation, I love it...

  53. I am very impatient about waiting in lines.

  54. I can't sing...or carry a tune!

  55. My parents divorced when I was 21 years old. So far in my life, it is the most difficult thing I have lived through...but God's grace has proved He works all things together for matter how bad they may seem.

  56. I was baptized, as a believer, in a river.

  57. I eat honey nut cheerios for a snack at night...or during the day

  58. I love living close to family.

  59. I scrapbook, although right now I'm burnt out and don't want to do it

  60. God has blessed me with amazing friends

  61. I went on a missions trip to Tijuana Mexico the summer I graduated from high was life changing.

  62. I've always wanted a Basset Hound named Gus.

  63. I have ginormous tonsils :)

  64. Never broken a bone or had surgery.

  65. I have had a car accident and totalled our injuries.

  66. I am paranoid about letting my boys use "men's" public restrooms...I may make them go in the ladies till their teenagers :)

  67. I very rarely make my bed

  68. I don't care if my kids make their bed

  69. I hate stepping on Legos

  70. I like thunderstorms.

  71. I am a total grouch when I'm tired.

  72. I have to force myself to eat breakfast...unless its a donut

  73. love love love coffee

  74. Do not like sponge bob

  75. Love Tetris

  76. I adore my in-laws

  77. I adore fashion

  78. I heart IKEA

  79. I really like politics

  80. I'm a die-hard conservative

  81. I can sing every word to 99% of DC Talk :)

  82. I was meant to have boys

  83. I can get along with most anyone

  84. I'm pretty easy going.

  85. I love to laugh

  86. I love watching movies with my husband

  87. I spend the summer at the swimming pool with the kids.

  88. I heart Facebook

  89. I get allergies in the spring time, but not the fall

  90. I love boneless buffalo wings

  91. and fresh salsa with chips

  92. I am hungry....a lot

  93. my boys make me laugh all the time

  94. I love rearranging furniture

  95. I can't take a hint, unless its SUPER obvious!

  96. I can't imagine not being in the ministry

  97. I often wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't become a Christian.

  98. I wish my relationship with my dad were different. I wish he'd stop running from Jesus.

  99. I love something or hate it. Hot or cold :)

  100. I'm surprised how easily I can ramble off junk about me!

I admit, I have never read all 100 items on other people's lists...I'll blame it on the self-diagnosed ADD. I barely read all of mine!


  1. Saw your comment at The Gaspards blog. Are you from Iowa? That is where my husband grew up and his parents actually still live there. I just have to say you need to try red beans and rice. We live in the South too. My husband is a convert. He doesn't have any desire to return to the small town he grew up in. Where are you in Iowa? My URL is
    Come by and see me.

  2. wow! I actually just read them all! ha! Dad's are hard, we both have especially pig-headed fathers. I just try to remember, we're their daughters, so they did do something right!

  3. Sarah,
    This was great!

    Your heart for God blesses me!

    Happy 100th post!

  4. I read the whole list...that was a fun list. Gotta say, I love your blog, it is my favorite stop of the day :)

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog. You make me smile. Happy 100th post!

  6. Happy 200th post. Great list.!! And congrats to all your traffic. It is huge for just starting your blog in Feb. I think we started our blog about the same time. I don't post as much as you though. You do a great job and your blog is always so fun to read.

  7. Congrats on the new milestone...100 posts! That really took some time for you to write. BTW- I like Tetris too! :)

  8. Thanks for giving me an idea for my post for today. I totally missed my 100th post, so I'm gonna do something like this.

    We even like the same things, except I got rid of my 3rd Caravan. It was broken way too much. Now I've got a Highlander (less Mommy looking, just in case some young guy wanted to check me out ... right? .. don't worry, no one's checking me out unless they're bald, toothless, and over 60).

  9. I read them all! Do I get a prize? ;-)

    I found out about the 100th post thing when I had posted about 97 entries. I started a list, but never finished it. Now it will have to be my, like, 125th post or something! :-)

    And your list gives my list an inferiority complex, so I may have to rework it a bit... Okay, I may never actually get it posted, but I wanted someone to know I tried!

    CONGRATULATIONS on finding a new love! :-D

  10. I couldn't believe you were actually going to list 100 items, but they flew by!
    You're the best!

  11. I read them all! So I expect that when I do this, you will read them all- if I can actually come up with 100 :)

  12. Have you even missed one day of posting? Impressive, you are so consistent!

    So I was nodding my head to so many of your 100 things. 43,46,48 58,66,67,68 etc. This was so fun to read! Love it. You are a neat, neat girl. (I was going to say lady but that sounds old)

  13. I just love all those 100 things about you! Fun post! you always make my day!

  14. Read all 100! We are a lot alike. I think it must be a boy-momma thing! Except maybe the in-law thing! :) NEways, have a teenage texter, so glad I found your blog and we are bloggy friends.

  15. Happy 100 posts!
    Fun list... I might be inspired to try when I reach 100... :)
    Love reading your blog!

  16. great list, you are such fun. totally w/ you on the library and legos, and food, and music, crank it up! congrats on the 100th post!!

  17. I'm patting myself on the back for reading your entire awesome list. BUT, you forgot to mention what a diehard RUNNER you are! Hee! Hee! Speaking of which, only 2 more days until our 1st race. Pray that my back starts to feel better or we will be walking it.

  18. I read the whole list
    Loved it
    Love your blog
    Your a blessing!
    Be Blessed:o)

  19. Go Sarah GO!!!

    I can definitely say that I have truly enjoyed reading this blog of yours from it's beginning.

    Keep those posts coming!

  20. That is a LOT of posts and a LOT of stuff...I'll have to come back and read them later. I love reading even though I don't comment much. You are fun and funny and I enjoy hearing about your life!

  21. Woo-hoo!!! 100th post! I actually read them your blog, it was a fun and insightful read! (I can't get over that you were baptized in a river!)

    Thanks for stopping by today and for your sweet comment to me!

    Tracy = )

  22. Congratulations! I love stopping by to read what cha got to say. It always puts a smile on my face.

  23. got as far as the McDonalds french fries and had to comment! :) Have you seen "Supersize Me"? Check it out if not!

  24. Oh, and the Cheerios snack mix is a Must Eat. Cheddar flavored is the best! MMMmmmmmmm, I just had some tonight again. I could eat all 28 grams of fat in one sitting.

  25. I read all of them! We have so much in common and I love your blog. I'm adding you to my bloglines. :)

  26. Seriously So much in common~ I can NOT stand Sponge Bob!
    I Love Ikea, thunderstorms, Tetris & red shoes!!!! My dad is the same way~ always running.

    I Love loud music so much, some times I get worried about Josh's hearing when he is older!

  27. I saw your comment over at Jackie's blog and it just spoke to my heart in its elegant simplicity.

    THought I'd jump over and take a looksee. Lurved your 100 things. I feel you on so many of them, especially the men's restroom thing. And men's locker room. My son is now 12 and 5'10", but I remember his little boy days and my angst like it was yesterday.

    Blessings on your week. BTW, we have a dachshund, too. :)

  28. Hey, Sarah!
    I just read your 100 things and all I have to say is...
    I like you a lot! Seriously!

    Nice meeting you! I love 100 things because it makes it easy to cut to the chase & see who you really are! I'll be back to read your blog!
    Angie xoxo


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