Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Early...

Dear Mom,

How does one, especially me, put into words how thankful I am for you!?! I'm trying (very) hard to resist doing it in list form :) Here goes...

This is your 30th mother's day :) I'm pretty sure you probably have all the cards you've ever received (from anyone) somewhere in your hope chest :) And yes, I know you'll print this off to show to the ladies at work ;)

As I look back over the years of my life, not one has existed without you. From the beginning...from the moment you found out that you were going to be having a baby, at the tender age of 18, God has been working all things together for good. The choice to get married, although teenagers and probably not ready, you did it...and it was a good choice. It was the right choice. You created a home for me, that was filled with love. Not perfect, of course, but stable and loving. In some ways...we grew up and matured together.

We met Jesus, in such a real way, together. I, just a young teenager, and you 30 something with a husband and 3 children. Growing in our faith looked much different in each of our lives. As a 15 year old, there's definitely a lot less re-learning to do! God knew...what was in store. He knew, down the road, hard times were coming. I will continually praise Him for His timing. Together, we experienced the pain of deception and lies. You as a wife...and me as a daughter. The pain of the divorce, after 20 years of marriage, is never forgotten, by a wife or a grown daughter. But it is healed! Had God not drawn us to Him those years before...I know, we would not stand where we stand today.

Looking back I can now also see how God has used each of us to help the other grow. I'm sure that raising me (and my mouth) caused maturing and patience in you...and long-suffering :) Your life, the good and the bad, God has used to teach and train me. It is not over yet. The good and the bad will still's part of living. It's the assurance that He's seen us through before, and He'll surely do it again, that brings peace.

I am thankful for you...and for Dennis. For the home and family that over the past 7 years you have created...blended. I know, that as you look at your children, God's grace and mercy is so evident in each of our lives. You had a big part in that.

Now, as a mother myself, I understand the prayers and the sacrifices. Thank you for always doing the best you knew at the time. And for growing and changing when God revealed to you it was necessary...I'm pretty sure that's the sign of a great mom...that and your grand-children adore you. (feel free to come get them anytime, by the way, :)

Happy Mother's Day...early (because no one will read this on me:)

Much Love,



  1. WOW.
    I've found myself speechless as the tears stream down my face.

    That was beautifully & eloquently written Sarah.
    What a gift you have given your mother ... a gift she will treasure always!

    Happy Mother's Day to your wonderful mother!

  2. Yeah for Moms! The longer I mother, the awesomer my mom gets!
    (she would surely correct my "new word")

  3. Awe...tell your mom hi and Happy Mother's Day from me as well. You've got a great one!

  4. How very sweet! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  5. Oh Sarah,
    This was so beautiful and so well written. As someone who knows your mom "in real life" but just for a short time, this is even more beautiful. What a picture you have given of God's grace and mercy in the lives of two women.

    I know she will treasure this most beautiful tribute.

  6. What a beautiful letter to your Mom! Every year I tell my kids, you don'y have to buy me anything just sit down and write me a letter about how you feel about me-I'm still waiting! I'm sure she cried and it will be one of her most precious treasures!
    Be blessed!

  7. So, so touching. What a great way to honor your mother.

    Happy Mother's Day to both your mother...and you!

  8. What a beautiful post about your mom!! I am also blessed with a wonderful mom! However, if I blogged about her, I would have to print it out and mail it to her because she refuses to learn the computer! :)

  9. Beautiful, Sarah, and such a gift to your mom. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.


  10. That was beautiful. And touching. I know your mom will treasure it forever.

    And I'm going to try to forget the realization that your mom is only 2 years older than I am. Ouch.

  11. Happy mother's day Deb! And you as well Sarah. Blessings to you both!

  12. Hey Honey, Happy Mother's Day! You deserve a good one for who you are as a mother. I am blessed to have such a good one for our boys. I'm proud of you, Sarah.
    Love Your Hubs

  13. Sarah,
    This brought tears to my eyes. Very eloquently written. We can share in the wonderfulness that is having an amazing mother. (You can give mine a hug for me, I miss her so much!)

  14. This was so, so sweet. I love this:

    "I will continually praise Him for His timing."

    and this:
    "I'm sure that raising me (and my mouth)"

    Beautiful, and a very, very true of your sweet mom. Love you Deb!

  15. Sarah,
    Thank you for your beautiful words they will be etched on my heart forever.The tears flowed as I read this and my heart aches at the heart break you had to experience which I wish I could take away, I can not so I am so grateful that God is so faithful to heal. You are an awesome daughter and mom to 3 of our beautiful boys. I do thank God often for his timing becauseI know for a fact we would not be where we are with out him even with the lord it was tough but with out him it would of been hopeless. We shall continue to give him thanks and praise for the wonderful things he is doing in our family. I love you so much my frist born Sarah. Always Mom

    P.S. You were right I wanted to print and show girls at work only I can not find my copy paper since we moved:)


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