Friday, May 23, 2008

Not My Friend...

By now, you're probably getting sick of me talking about my computer idiotness...but it is never ending. It's part of what kept me from starting a blog for several months...I was sure I wouldn't be able to figure it out. Luckily, blogger is fairly user-friendly, and I had the help of several friends who kept (keep) sending detailed instructions that a 5 year old could follow. I love them.

There is still one thing teeny-tiny SUPER annoying thing that I CANNOT figure out. Feedburner. Just typing it makes me want to shove the computer monitor off the desk...ok, not really. If you happen to have no idea what feedburner is, count your blessings. For some reason, it says I only have 29 subscribers. It also says, everyday, that I have had no visitors, and no page views to my blog. Apparently, Sitemeter, and my little counter thingy and all of those comments ya'll leave are figments of my imagination. Feedburner is giving me a complex...someone fix it...pretty please.

On a completely different subject, I bought this CD yesterday. I CANNOT stop listening to this song. So, I've mentioned before I have OCD issues with music...this is no surprise...but I love this song. I'm sure the rest of the CD is great...I wouldn't know yet, I can't get past #4.

Happy Friday, imaginary friends who do not really exist according to Feedburner!


  1. Happy to be one of your imaginary friends :)
    That IS a GREAT song!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I had a site counter for a while and while I enjoyed seeing where people visited me from I focused too much on the numbers so I got rid of it.

  3. So I don't really exist? Wow, that is going to mess with my worldview. I don't eve know what feedburner is. Good luck with it!

  4. I'm clueless! I know nothing about feedburner...but now you've got me curious.

  5. great song, you can see their passion in the video and realness, thanks for sharing hon, fires me up!

  6. I can't get ANY video to work with the GOD WITH US song...NONE!! Sorry! :) (blogger hates me today)

  7. Sorry about the feedburner issue. I can't help you. Try looking at bloggingbasic101. They have a lot of useful info. You have to search for it though.

  8. Just got "Bogging for Dummies" this week at work! I will be trying to red it this weekend along with three other books!
    I have no clue what feedburner is!

    love you!

    Told Ben he has to visit my blog to see baby pic of my nephew! He says he only reads yours! UH! Told him I needed to be the exception, just this once so he could see the baby!!!!
    Hmmmm....come to think of it...I don't know if Daniel has actually looked at a pic of his new nephew!!!! He doesn't even read MY BLOG!

  9. Have you Googled your issue with Feedburner? Or is that like asking if the Pope is Catholic?

  10. I don't know anything about Feedburner, and since I moved to wordpress I haven't been able to get sitemeter to work for my blog. but i don't really need sitemeter anymore, I used it to track who was viewing my blog. but since people can't google to find wordpress blogs, i don't need it :)

    And I know what you mean about obsessing over songs. I'm the same way!

  11. Sarah,
    Thanks for your comment...definitely something to consider..."We may never live in peace unless we learn to stop asking "why."

    About Feedburner...wish I could help you, but I haven't yet ventured into that aspect of blogging...(for some reason, that SO intimidates me and after reading your post it sounds like ignorance on my part may very well be bliss) Hope you get it all worked out!

    I am very much the same way with music...I definitely get you girl. Song #4 is one of my powerful!

    Your invisible blog buddy,

  12. Sarah...I am a pretty regular on your site and I've never met you. :-) I am an East Oregon gal who 'found' you via Lindsey. I want to be a techie...but I'm really not. I clicked feed burner one confused and decided I didn't need it. I enjoy your blog, even if the feedburner denies to acknowledge my visit.

  13. Sorry your having such a terrible time with feedburner. I have not used it so I have no clue! I'm having the hardest time right now with the sitemter because I don't know how to tell time! My thingy keeps starting over at noon instead of midnight. No matter what I do I can't get it righ.
    Hope you get it figured out!

  14. I'm an imaginary friend who checks your blog every couple of days. ;) Don't let Feedburner fool ya! Blessings!


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