Thursday, May 22, 2008

You're Gonna Wanna Come...

God sometimes gives me great revelations or the bathtub. It may have something to do with the fact that it's one of the only rooms that I can LOCK everyone else OUT. Here's what happened last night...

I've mentioned before that I happen to love my tiny town...and the tiny-towns folks. I was thinking about all the different faces I'd seen today...wondering what was really going on in their lives...wondering how many of them need hope, or a friend to talk to. Praying for God to bring them across my path, and for the courage and discernment to know what to say and how to say it.

Ben and I spend lot's of time wondering how to get people through the doors of our tiny church. We know, ultimately, it's God who brings them...what I mean, is figuring out what it is God wants us to do in His plan for bringing them. Much of our first two years here has been spent just getting to know people...and trying to show them we're not as weird as they may think we are (ok, we are weird...but ya know what I mean.) The more I get to know people...the more I love this tiny town...and the more I want them to come to our church...not for the mere fact of attending church...but because I know they'll encounter Jesus...and I know how He changed my life...and how He can change theirs. That's all.

All of this, led me to the "Top 10 Reasons" people in my tiny town should come to our prepared, these are highly spiritual reasons.

10 - We have orange pews. Who else has orange pews?!? They're quite comfy, and I'm pretty sure, eventually, that particular shade of orange is going to be a rockin color again.

9 - We have "First" in the name of our church...which means we were first, and obviously, First implies best. *wink, wink*

8 - If you live in tiny-town....we are totally within walking distance from every.single. house.

7 - We are the only church in town with a parking lot.

6 - You are free to drink coffee or pop or whatever (non-alcoholic) drink you would like to during Sunday School.

5 - If you even have a smidgen of musical talent, you will be the super-star of our worship team...ok, so we don't really have a "worship team" yet because we need some more people who can sing...but still...

4 - You can sit in the same pew & same spot every Sunday. Consistency people, consistency.

3 - The Pastor is very attractive. Ok, scratch that one...that one's just for me ;)

2 - There are so many kids, that your children being naughty in church will not even be noticed!

1 - Those of us already there, consider ourselves to be "the chief of sinners," saved by His grace...I promise you'll fit.

Seriously, I should have made it a top 20 list, because there's so much more! HA! Love this little the people in it, and love this tiny-town!

It seems that my mind is totally preoccupied with the terrible loss that Steven Curtis Chapman and his family are experiencing. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around. It does remind me that life is so full of great joy and terrible pain...and time is no guarantee...I need to love those around me today, because I don't know what tomorrow holds.


  1. Wow! I love the orange pews! I was on a church marketing team a few years back. If you want any suggestions to up your congregation let me know! : ) I'm a master of lead generation.

  2. Do you mean that orange color isn't totally rockin right now??? Cause I love that color!

    The Chapman family is on my mind as well, and also in my prayers!

  3. What a GREAT post! :) Makes me smile and wish I could come visit!

    I'm saddend by the news and find myself once again being so thankful for a God that holds everything in His hands - even when it's hard to grasp or understand. He WILL give them peace!

  4. I can'y wait for our house to be done so we can be at "First" consistantly! Maybe I can get my music career started on your "worship team" :-)

  5. Hi Sarah. I had to smile at the first part of your post. I thought I must be the only one to hear from God in the shower, but I see He also speaks to those in the bathtub! ;) Some of my best prayer and meditation time with the Lord are in the shower. Praise God who is Emmanuelle (our God with us - even in the tub and shower).

    My heart has been on the Chapmans all day today. I am praying with you.

  6. Oops...I misspelled Emmanuel. I have a dear friend named Emmanuelle and I confuse it all the time!

  7. My son would LOVE to go to a church with orange pews!

    I have been unable to think of little else today besides the Chapman family as well! It's such a sad loss and makes me want to hold my kids a little longer and harder!

  8. I love your list. That is great. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a PK so I can totally relate to your blog. I'll be back.

  9. We have the same orange pews. The decor committee will call it gold, but it really is orange.

    I would love to join...where do I sign up?

  10. the pews are the best! they look comfy as well!

  11. If I lived in Tiny Town, I would definitely come to your church. You had me at orange pews

  12. I wish I lived near Tiny Town -I think your church sounds wonderful- My town used to be tiny and my First Baptist church used to be smaller and we grew.We now about 4 red ligts in our town. I loved #1and can relate.
    Be blessed!

  13. So do you coordinate what you wear to match the pews? That would be on my mind...

    Love this.

  14. This was a fun post!


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