Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cute and Disgusting

Cute & Disgusting...all at the same time.
I have no idea what that junk is around his mouth, but it's obviously not bothering him.
The hat: I bought it last year, to protect his little head from the sun. He would have none of that...took it off every. single. time. But now, this year...he wears it everywhere. It's too small (now) and it drives me nuts...of course he would want to wear it NOW. And if I go ahead and buy one that actually fits, do you think he'll wear it?!?! No. Big fat no. So goes my life in parenting thus far.
So, if you happen to see an almost 3 year old, with a dirty face, wearing a hat that's too small...he'd be mine. Love you Jake, aka stinky face.
Happy Saturday!


  1. What a smile! Enjoy your weekend with the "too small hats" and "stinky faces" :)

  2. He's extremely adorable even with his dirty face. It kind of looks like peanut butter or dirt ... either way, boys will be boys you know. The dirtier they are the happier they are. I don't have boys, but my girls like to get dirty and don't care if they are. When I pick them up at school, their knees are black and they have filthy hands. I keep Wet Ones in the car for that very purpose because of course, we usually have to go somewhere and I'm sure people think they're orphans. I say all that to say ... I'm sure boys are way dirtier.

  3. Sometimes I feel like dirt and geew must just grow around the mouths of little shows up at any moment too!

  4. Jake is soooo presh! Happy weekend!

  5. Hey did ya miss me? Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. :(
    Anyways, church had a women's conference Friday night and today and it was awesome. I'm so glad I went. As for Jake... he's just saving whatever it is for a afternoon snack. Boys, Boys, Boys gotta love em.

  6. Cute! Did you do that mom thing where you lick your finger and scrub the gunk off his chin?

  7. He is adorable, dirty face and all!


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