Sunday, May 4, 2008

Six Thingys

I've been tagged by Beefy. Which works out great, because it's Sunday...and I'm at a loss for a post idea!
I am supposed to come up with 6 words or phrases that best describe me.

Rules are as follows:
  1. Write your own six-word memoir
  2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you'd like
  3. Link to the person tho tagged you
  4. Tag 5 more blogs with a link
  5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play

So, these probably aren't the "Best" words to describe me...because I'm a little too lazy today to come up with the about "good enough" ?!? :)

These are signs I have on display around my house. Coincidentally, they sorta wrap up who I am (ignore the really terrible shots, I'm no photographer!)

Without His saving grace, who would I be?!?


My hand is covering up my last name (you know, so the Internet axe murderers don't find me) but this sign represents our marriage commitment and the establishment of our little family...huge part of me.


No explanation needed.


Something I'm always reminding myself to do.


I have no idea how to shut the flash off on my camera *sheepish grin* so it's hard to read, but it says "Notice! Cursing & Swearing will be cause for removal" I wish it also said "Potty Talk": which includes anything to do with a natural bodily function, which my boys find hysterical.


This is a big long sign that hangs over the doorway from my dining area to the kitchen, it lists all the fruits of the spirit...which I'm continually asking God to produce in my life.

I won't tag anyone because I can't remember who has done it already, but if you haven''re it.


  1. I love all the signs in your house!

  2. Great signs... I LOVE the "son up to son down one!" I have that one as well & it's a TREASURE! :)

    Happy Sunday to you!

  3. Love the cursing and swearing one. Where did you get it?

  4. Heth: Rebecca got it for me at Gordmann's :)


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