Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Do It For Me...

What better to talk about on a Monday than poop?!? I hate potty training. Despise it. I am bad at it. My kids are bad at it. Jake is almost our house, that means it's that time...the battle is oh-so-on.

We have one bathroom in our house...upstairs. We have one lazy toddler who has decided that it's easier to poop in his diaper DOWNSTAIRS than to have to go UPSTAIRS to sit on the potty. I feel his pain...after all, I'm the one who almost moved her coffee pot to the office...I'm not in denial, I know where he gets his laziness from ;) BUT, I am the mommy. Mommy is tired, and not to mention grossed out by changing the diapers of an almost 3 year old.

Here's my bright idea. We keep his diapers, upstairs in his room. I'm now making him (rather than me) go upstairs to retrieve his own diaper when he needs to be changed, in hopes that he will start to decide that it really would be easier to just go on the potty. Great idea...if my child were not so stinking STUBBORN!

Here's the scenario all day long...

Jake: "I poopy"

Me: "Go upstairs and get a diaper"

Jake: "No, you do it"

Me: "If you want to be changed, you go get the diaper"

Jake: (talking to the dog) "Odie, you do it" (no response from Odie)

Jake: to Eli "Eli, you do it" when this doesn't work, he goes back to me....

It takes around a billion times of this conversation before he eventually heads upstairs and comes down with a diaper. Every. Single. Time. *silent scream*

I have read, watched, you name it, a ton of different stuff on potty training...what I really want, is for you to just take him away and bring him back when he is potty trained. Is that too much to ask?

(I should note...that if there happen to be any weirdos out there (with no sense of humor) reading this...I do Not actually want you to take my child away...ya never know :)


  1. Kudos for sticking to your guns about HIM retreiving the diaper!
    I'll be praying for you!

  2. Yes, there are so many WEIRDOS out there.....You never know where they will pop up!

  3. ugh~ I still have my last one too!! someday.... "they" say we will miss all the little things.. including potty training??

  4. Hang in there! I think making him retrieve his own diaper is a great idea. Hope this ends quickly for you!

  5. Dudette. I am so glad I'm a single girl right now.

  6. I so needed this laugh! I love the fact that he asked the dog to help him out... hilarious I'm still bustin' up over that one!

  7. We could trade???!!Cuz maybe it's easier on someone else's child???

    Good luck!

  8. I think that is what grandmas are for!!!!!

  9. Don't you have a potty chair? Just plop that sucker down in front of the TV and put some movie on. Eventually he'll go. But wait, he is a boy ... I only have experience with girls. I don't know how to train with the standing up. Do you train them standing up or sitting? Nevermind. I'm useless.

  10. I forgot to tell you. Maddie is 2 1/2...and A GIRL...and SO.NOT.INTERESTED.IN.GOING.TO.THE.POTTY!

    I think she will start kindergarten wearing diapers!!

    She does have a potty chair, the ROYAL THRONE potty. It plays music when she "goes"...if she would just go.

    She makes better use of the potty as a step stool...and a TV watchin' chair!!

  11. I'm right there with you, trying to potty train #3, who is almost 3 years old. I've gotten slacker and slacker with each kid. :) Hang in there!

  12. We are counting down the days of diaper wearing for Maddie! She'll be 3 at the end of August and I've been telling her that in June we are saying bye bye to diapers! So I feel your pain. What do you do with a kid who just doesn't mind sitting in poo? Well, eventually they will be trained!

  13. This too shall pass and you'll read back on these days and laugh and then one day when you are a grandmother your kids will say how old was I when I did such and such and if you can't spout it off the top of your head they will say I bet you can remember how old sister or brother was cus you have more pictures of them and you love them more...It's really not that bad but my kids rag me about remebering these kinds of things-I think all moms should have a notebook where they write this stuff down and they look back and say are you kidding it was june
    5th 2008 I'll never forget it you sat on that pot like a big boy and gave it your best shot then it was all uphill, you took to it! Just some thoughts for you today while I'm bored at work!
    Be blessed!

  14. We actually ran out of pullups last summer, and my husband was @ work - all night, with our only car. Three and a half year old daughter, who up until this point REFUSED to poop on the potty, had no choice but to use it. She had one, maybe 2 accidents after that, but for us it actually took not having them in the house to get the point across.
    Oh, I so relate to your post! HA!

  15. Boy I remember these days like they were yesterday...SO not fun! Ever consider trying a star or sticker chart? It worked for my son. My friend swears by m & m's as a reward. She used them on all 4 of her kids...worked like a charm. Hang in there girl!

  16. I think I found your blog from The Preachers Wife's blog-just wanted you to know I'm not a weirdo!

    I would love to comment about this topic but my daughter has been 4 for a month and has just now decided that wet pants aren't fun after all. I don't know what made her decide this all of the sudden, but let me tell you it has been a long 16 months! Yes, 16 months I've been potty training this girl. So, just know that it could be worse, and that it does get better!!!

  17. What a great idea. Although I can't imagine Odie not wanting to help out. I can't feel your pain yet with potty-training but my day is coming soon enough. I'm only at the stage of making sure he doesn't stick his hand in it while I'm changing.

  18. I'm with Stacey on the "trading" deal... sounds like it might possibly work (at least for a little while) :)

    Cute picture!

  19. The poop thing sucked in my house, too! My son held out - literally - for a long time! Take comfort in the fact that eventually he will learn... I don't know when, but he will not poop in his pants the rest of his life! Smiles!

  20. Girl -
    I hear you on the potty training thing.
    My three year old who has been potty trained for a while now has decided that she doesn't want to go to the potty and just goes whereever she is. She does go to the potty to poopy but if she has to pee - she just goes on the floor.
    I cannot figure out why. I make her go and change her own clothing and even make her scrub the carpet but it doesn't make a difference. But I think it has to do with being lazy too.
    in HIM -

  21. Amazing how many people chime in when POOP is the subject. I was terrified of potty training. I was terrified of the way I decided to do it...just put him in underwear..But guess what??It worked! When Jay was in diapers, he didn't care, he would just do his bussiness. When he was in underwear it only took 2 accidents and he hated the feeling so much that he was well on his way to being trained. AMAZING! I know there are so many different opinions and what works for one may not work for another, but hang in there girl!! There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is beyond worth it!! :)

  22. THAT is hysterical.

    Seriously... I love that he tries to get the dog to get the diaper.

    Don't you just wish the dog would do it really?

  23. you could try candy. :)
    that worked for me!

  24. I read the advice about just putting him in underwear, but to me the only thing worse than changing an almost 3yr. olds poopy diaper is trying to clean up the poopy mess in the underwear. My boys were also stubborn. Eventually my mom got my oldest trained when I had knee surgery and wasn't moving around, but I did the youngest all by myself. Basically I told him that 3 yr. olds were big boys and they didn't poop in diapers (he'd been peeing in the potty since 1 1/2), so if he wanted to have yummy cake at his birthday party he was going to poop on the potty when he turned 3. We started counting down about a month before his birthday and you know what, the kid decided 2 days before his birthday that he was a big boy and he could poop on the potty and he's never had an accident. I don't know if it will work for you, but anything is worth a try!! Good Luck to you.

  25. As a side note, I asked my youngest why he wouldn't poop in the potty and he said that it would come out and bite him. Why he thought it would come out of the toilet and bite him but didn't when it was smooshed all over his bottom I will never understand.

  26. Hi Sarah! I'm sooooo behind on reading blogs. Trying to catch up a bit before taking Ethan to preschool.

    Just last night I dreamt that Emily was potty trained!!! She went right over to the toilet and hopped right on! Went potty and everything haha! Oh seriously that would be a dream come true!

    I remember reading an article where you potty train your child in one weekend, and it only costs 80 bucks. Just let him go nakie all weekend. Pretty soon he won't like the feel of all of it running down his legs, etc. Then use the $80 to get the carpet cleaned! Haha! But you won't see me trying that method...

    He'll get it eventually :)

  27. I love that picture so much.


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