Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who From Our Do

I feel there's something you should know. I am a DVR freak. For those of you who may not have experienced this amazing machine, let me explain to you (in very technical terms) what it does.

It records (very simply) TV programs. It pauses live TV. It enables me to watch TV without commercials. WITHOUT COMMERCIALS. I adore it. If you don't have one...you need one. Think of all that precious time you'll save, not watching commercials! Seriously, go get one...now. (Unless you don't watch TV...then you probably don't need one)

One of the programs I record and watch, fairly regularly is Joyce Meyer. She speaks my language...direct and to the point. Joyce and I have some minor disagreements on a few (doctrinal) things, but it has not gotten in the way of our TV friendship. Last night, as I watched, much of the stuff she said really resonated, and I can't get it out of my head. Guess what that means?!? Bullet points.

  • We have to separate our "Who" from our "Do." Who we are is not based on what we do. Our "do" is sometimes going to be good, and sometimes it's not...it doesn't change our "who." Sure, we want to do what's right, to show our love for Him, but in our humanness we will fail...a lot...do not be deceived that God's love for you changes because of your "do." His love for you is because of your "who." (OK, her explanation was better, but you get the point)

  • God asks us to do certain stuff, that seems hard, like FORGIVE, for OUR benefit. Everything He requires of us, is because He loves us...it is for our GOOD.

  • When someone hurts us, and we harbor unforgiveness, we often expect that person (and everyone else) to repay us for that debt. But truthfully, they can never repay us. No matter how much we try to collect from them, they can't give us back what was taken. *deep breath* Only God can bring restoration where something was taken away.

There's more...but this is what I'm thinking on today...

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


  1. Great, great stuff here Sarah!

    ... and I too LOVE my DVR!

  2. OK, OK...you pulled on my heartstrings today. (You're right...It wasn't you, it was the Lord.)

    Thanks for a great message...and something ELSE to fill my brain with today!!!

    Good Stuff.

  3. hmmmm this reminds me of a certain quote on my blog....

    great post!

  4. Ok, this sounds like a title to a Dr. Seuss book. But seriously this is interesting, I always thought it was what I do but I see the otherside a bit. But don't you think your who controls alot of what you do? I'm trying to be serious but now that I said Dr. Seuss I can't stop reading what I wrote as a poem.

  5. Yeah ... I struggle with the "who" and "do" thing all the time. I have to constantly remind myself that I am not what I do and God doesn't love me any more because of what I do and even if I did absolutely NOTHING, He would still love me.

    I think that's hard for me sometimes because I'm selfish and if you want to show me love, you'd better do something for me (love language = acts of service). Glad God's not like me!

  6. OK ... this was too weird. We were just leaving comments on each other's blogs at the same time. SPOOKY!

    I just came here, left my comment, went back to my blog and you had just left a comment. It's like we're telepathic (is that the right word?), if I believed in that.

  7. Great post...those are some good thoughts to ponder!

  8. One time, a friend gave me a copy of Joyce's "Approval Addiction" book with an inscription saying I REALLY needed to read the book. :)

  9. Good stuff my friend!


  10. Love my DVR too! Isn't it awful watching regular TV. We constantly catch ourselves trying to FF live shows! HA!

  11. Good stuff Sarah! I had this "ah-ha" moment a couple of years ago where I heard some one say, "There is nothing you could do to make GOd love you more and nothing you could do to make HIm love you less." It sounds so stinkin simple, but it hit me between the eyes and embedded itself in my heart. It may have been something I should've already learned, but regardless, it changed my life.
    I also really resonate with the forgiveness stuff you wote about. We are really keeping ourselves in bondage by having an unforgiving spirit. Wow, it is so not eay though.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! love them!


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