Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Yes I Did...

Last week I read this post at 2nd Cup of Coffee...you should read it (if you haven't) you'll laugh your rear-end off! Plus, if you don't read it first, this post will just not be as clever. Except, please keep in minds that Linda is an actual writer, so after you read her post, please once again lower your reading standards before returning to my blog...many thanks.

OK, so I read that post and commented how I've never worn white pants...and then it got me thinking. Why?!? What's holding me back?!? Time to shake it up a little :)

So, yesterday, for our little shopping trip, I wore these:

And, I kept them clean!! And, they might be my new favorites. Thank you Linda, for inspiring me..and when I get home from vacation I will start the "white pants diet." :) Do you all wear white pants/jeans?!? Go do it...take a walk on the wild side.

  • Important, important information: White Jeans: Target...Converse brand...Streeetchy :)

  • Steve & Barry's...Ben got a pair of shorts, and I left with a red hoodie, but that was it...bummer.

  • Ben got lots of good deals at my FAVORITE store. I left with nothing. Why is it that everything I like is NOT on sale?!?

  • Conference: We just had the opening session last night...I'll wait to fill you in until I can write a full sermon about it ;) Just kidding...ya'll know it will be in bullet points.

More tomorrow...


  1. yeah for white pants! you look awesome in them!!!
    wishing you better sales and much rest!!!

  2. I understand the whole "white pant" thing. I actually bought a pair a last summer....FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!! I got mine at GAP...on sale. They are a rather wide pant. Wide thighs, Wide legs...so they are actually good at covering any ripples. But b/c they are a little tighter on my booty I wear my SPANX with 'em. Also, they are a little cropped. So they look sooooo cute with white espadrille wedges. If I didn't have to have them dry cleaned...and never had a monthly crimson visitor...I might wear them every day!!!!

    So proud of your white pant purchase!!

  3. I underestimated your addiction! I told my hubs I'd be willing to bet you were too busy to get blogging time during your respite.
    Between that and my errantly thinking you might enjoy cooking, I've got 2 strikes!
    We are praying for you!

  4. I used to wear white pants all the time (back in my skinny minny days heehee). I just haven't bought any in years!
    Shopping! Fun! Nothing I ever want is on sale either! And that's no fun.
    hope your trip is going well!

  5. I do have a pair of off-white pants and white capris and my favorite, several pairs of white shorts. All you have to do is wear a longer shirt and your rear doesn't look so huge. OK, not YOUR rear. You're tiny. MY REAR!

  6. smart move waiting to wear the white pants when your kids were not around.

  7. The white pants look great!

  8. Love them on you. Pretty sure I would HATE them on me. I think it would take more than a white-pants diet for me to look good wearing them out in public.

    You will get your 3rd Twitter follower just as soon as I figure out how to sign up. :)

  9. It's funny that the only pairs of white pants I have...all two of them...are maternity. Not sure why I'd want to make myself look like any more of a whale while pregnant.

    You don't have that issue though. They look great on you...have fun in your wild white adventure.

  10. I LOVE white pants. I have some "Winter Whites" that I wear in winter too. Whoever said you can't wear white after Labor Day seriously did not own a pair of "winter white" pants.

  11. Very cute! As I was reviewing my blog roll, I noticed that you were not on it...imagine my horror!! I am correcting that error now.

  12. BTW, your twitter updates crack me up. I tried Twitter and it was so not for me or I'd add you. Also, if you know my last name, I'm on face book. If you don't and want to be my facebook buddy, e-mail me at becomingme@live.com and I'll give it to ya.

  13. I just took the white jean plunge this summer as well...though I don't think they look at cute on me as they do on you (isn't that how it always is for us women?)


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