Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pretend I Have a Highlighter...

*Serious stuff first: Please pray for a little girl named Sierra, from tiny-town. She is a sweet girl that attends our Bible Club every Wednesday night. Her home had been destroyed in the flood so her family was staying with friends. There was a very bad car accident and an 11 year old (friend of family) was killed and Sierra is in very serious condition with a broken back. This is all the info I know right now. Please keep this beautiful little girl and her entire family and friends lifted up in prayer*

It is true and no big surprise that I have managed to read blogs and do posts while on vacation. I assure you that I have indeed been doing other things than sitting at the laptop (which by the way I HATE typing on! I will kiss my big ol' computer upon returning home) ...what was I saying?!? oh yeah, I really am very quick at doing posts...therefore explaining the lack of depth and proper English techniques *insert cheeky smile*

Highlights of yesterday:

  • The morning speaker at the conference: WONDERFUL...spoke on Psalms 22, which is an Old Testament picture of Jesus' crucifixion (before crucifixion even existed), which I had never noticed before (now ya'll know how scholarly I am :) Of course, I cried through most of it...with no Kleenex. I'll get into all the great stuff I learned in later posts, when I have time to put more thought into it!

  • Then, they had all the military chaplains come forward (bawled) and one young man in particular was going to be heading to Iraq as soon as the conference was over, so they had his wife come on stage and we all prayed for them. That's when the "snot all over" crying began...with no was a lovely, lovely sight.

  • forgot to mention that the man we sat next to the first night told me he had a daughter named Sarah and that I looked like I was about her age...after consulting with his wife to find out his own daughters age, he said "she's 24" and I refrained from hugging him...but he is indeed my new BFF...except I don't know his name...

  • Eating out every meal is the best thing ever!!! Since leaving yesterday I have had spinach & artichoke pizza and home-made potato chips, Chicken ranch sandwich, home-made waffles, another buffalo chicken sandwich with waffle fries and onion rings, 1 large iced coffee, 1 McFlurry, and 1 Mint choc chip Frappaccino and a steak burrito...most of that I split with my hubby, but still....

  • Went to a workshop on connecting our church to the community and it was so, so good! The guy doing the presentation was so genuinely passionate that it was contagious. I loved tiny-town before this conference...and now God is expanding on it in ways I could not have foreseen! The timing of this conference and vacation is so clearly precise...knocks my socks off!

  • Went back to the mall (again), and sat in Barnes and Noble and skimmed through "Blogging for Dummies" and mostly learned that I am indeed a "dummy"

  • We ate at Champ's for lunch, and I had another episode of Blog Mouth. Our waitress had beautiful hair like my friend here. Usually, I would just comment to Ben about how fab is was and NEVER actually say anything to her!!! But of course, part way through the meal, when she brought us more fried food, I said to her..."I just have to tell you that your hair is beautiful! My friend in high school had the SAME hair and I loved it!" And seriously, the look on her face was priceless!!! She came back to the table 5 more times just beaming, and of course, talking about how she used to hate it because it was different and now she's accepted it...(whole 'nother lesson for me there) I left there knowing I had totally made her day, and it felt so, so good! Look out I come!

  • Ben and I are having so much fun (alone) together! If I saw us on the street I'd probably think it was nauseating, HA! glad I don't have to see us :)

  • I am missing the boys...but in the "just want to see them for a 1/2 hour, hug and kiss" and then leave again kind of way. I've called (and called) and they are having a blast with grandma and grandpa. (also called my mom and she assures me Odie is also fine, except that he is apparently fasting in protest to our absence...which, if you've seen my over-weight wiener dog, you'd agree with me that it's probably OK :)
  • I am very, VERY bad at sitting still at the conference. Last night I had to sit for close to 3 hours and it was not pretty...the fidgeting...I kept looking around at all the people sitting so still and I thought to myself...really, maybe I do have a little ADD!! Ben informed me he thinks it may be "selective ADD"...I won't argue :)
  • Tomorrow, some pictures, I promise.

Happy Thursday Friends!!


  1. Your blog is an answer to prayer. I prayed specifically last night that the speakers would bring forth NOTHING but the word of God, and that it would challenge and equip all who are there.
    We will be praying for Sierra!
    I am glad you are having such a blast!
    Even before blogging, I found myself complimenting check out cashiers and various other strangers I came across. I just know how good it feels to have someone notice you and to be affirmed. (Especially for those things we cannot change, ie eyes, hair, freckles...)

  2. You are stocking tissues now aren't you?!!

  3. want you to know that I will be praying for this little girl and all the families involved.

    I am so glad that you are having such a great time....I am sitting here thinking that maybe my hubby and I need to find a conference to go to!!! :)

  4. OH my goodness - you ARE having the BEST time!! I almost feel like I'm there with you... well, not really, but thanks for the bulleted details :)

    Praying for the rest of your trip to be full of good things - including tissue ... and for the little girl in tiny-town.

    Blessings -

  5. FUN! I read/skimmed "Blogging for dummies" and thought it was lame and useless for our kind of blogs....
    So sorry about Sierra! Wow! we will pray.
    what fun you are having! much deserved I should say too!!!

  6. I've tagged you- come check it out!

  7. Wowser. I'm glad to hear you're a quick typist, otherwise I would have to 'encourage' you to get back to 'vacat(ion)ing'! ;-) SO glad to hear that things are going so well. (Hint: My mom used to lay tissues flat in the back of her Bible for moments such as the ones you've described. They don't take up much room, but boy howdy, can they save the day in a pinch!)

    Still praying for you, and now for little Sierra.

    P.S. You just don't know how much I look forward to your posts! And BTW, I NEEDED your post on grace and am very, very glad you DIDN'T just link to mine. Please don't do that! I'm just sharing my journey too. And I needed the reminder of walking in dailyness right about now. You have no idea....

  8. I just love your "about me" on your blog. My husband is a pastor as well and I feel the same way when introduced as the "pastor's wife"!!!
    Just wanted to say "HI"

  9. Sounds like you are having an amazing time! Enjoy every moment! I think I am in need of a little getaway myself.

    I'll be praying for little Sierra and her family.

  10. Praying for the family of that precious girl and also for Sierra and her family.

    So happy you're having a great time and I can't tell you how happy I am that you're bringing us along! A day without a dose of Sarah is truly like a day without sunshine! Hope the rest of your trip is WONDERFUL! Have fun making the general public nauseaus with your hubby! ; )

  11. Saying a prayer right now for those little girls and their families.

    So glad you are having a great "vacation."

    So jealous of your "together-alone" time!

  12. You and hubby "having so much fun (alone) together!" . . . . Yet you are reading posts and blogging in the hotel room?! :-)

    Your trip sounds like lots of fun!!

  13. First off, I'm praying for sweet Sierra and her family. Please keep us posted.

    Sooo glad you are having an awesome time. And the list of food you have been eating? YUM. Especially the Mint Choc Chip Frap.

    I think it's awesome that you're exercising the Blog Mouth! See how you made her day? Right on!

    And I can TOTALLY see why that guy thought you were 24. :)

  14. Oh, and I tagged you for a fun little meme. When you're done having all that vacation fun. . . .

  15. I amso glad you are having such a nice time! Even if you are fidgeting! Just enjoy it and the time alone with hubby!

  16. Hey girlie... just wanted to let you know I've tagged you in a meme today!

  17. I went on vacation the same week as you! We were camping-all five of us so no computer access and no free time to speak of. Loved our time together as a family though. Glad you and your husband had a great time together. Nothing brings a husband and wife together like a renewed heart for ministry.


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