Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh...It's Real...

I think I am experiencing some sort of phenomenon that I am going to diagnose as "Blog mouth." What!?! You haven't heard of this?!? Hmmm....may be because I made it up...and I may be the only person that has it...but if you are experiencing three or more of the following symptoms, you should refrain from calling your doctor and instead write a blog post about it...because really, it's all about coming up with a post.


  • find yourself saying to other people (kind) things that you used to just think to yourself, but now after experiencing "comment crack" you know how important it is to just say the nice words...thinking a little affirmation will make the other person feel good...or make them think you are a crazy stranger.

  • Feel like everyone out there is a possible friend, therefore strike up conversations with random people in random places.

  • Begin telling someone a story, and part way through, they say "Oh, I know...I already read it on your blog." Thus making you feel the need to start every conversation with, "Do you read my blog?"

  • Talk about blog friends so much, that even your husband knows the names of your "imaginary" blog friends.

  • Actually say "imaginary friends and comment crack"

Oh...I'm in deep with this bloggy stuff...deep deep deep. I'm off to google support groups for "blog mouth"...

Happy Monday Friends!!


  1. oh my word this is hilarious!!! too cute!!!
    I can totally relate too!!!!
    it does totally change you in those kinds of ways!

  2. Oh my! I think of got it, too. Must be very contagious :) But...don't you just love it? I have "met" some wonderful Christian sister (siestas).

  3. That's so funny! It is always kind of weird to me when someone says, "I read that on your blog." Sometimes I seem to forget that real people may actually read it. :)

  4. Hilarious! 100% true. :) It really is a fun obsession to have isn't it?

  5. We love you, blog mouth and all!

  6. I am always saying, "Well it's on my blog, you should go there!"

  7. I think I might be coming down with there an antibiotic?


  8. I can relate. I'm with you on 3 and 4. Let me know when the next support group meeting is!

    I haven't attempted twitter yet... keep thinking about it, but haven't quite taken the plunge yet.

  9. Or how about when your real life blog friends are telling you a story and you say 'you should blog about that',or 'that sounds like a post'?

  10. Are you also trying to get all your real life friends to start their own blogs? I do that. And with all my computer expertise, I offer to set their blog up for them (like I know what I'm doing).

    But, yes I do have blogmouth and the symptoms. My hubby knows you by name too. Isn't your name "life in the parsonage lady"?

  11. Oh, yes, yes, yes. It's very real.
    So glad that I'm not alone, or I might think something was seriously wrong with me! :)

    Thank you oh so much for diagnosing the Blog Mouth. :)

  12. You totally crack me up! And my husband does know your name...I consider you to be one of my BloggyBFFs:)


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