Sunday, July 20, 2008

5 Things...

Jen at Reflections in the Window has tagged me for a 5 things I love (excluding family) meme.

I've tried to think of five things that I haven't already told you I love...which, I might add, was STINKIN' hard because apparently I talk about things I love... excessively.

Here goes...

I love big families. LOVE THEM. My husband comes from a family of 7 kids, and I love the dynamics of it. In high-school, I wanted 6 kids. After I got married...I wanted 4. Then, after Jake my third...I decided three should I say it.... enough? Yes. Plenty :) But I still love big families. I'm in awe of the mom's...because most days, I'm at my wits end with just three.

I love politics. I became really interested in it my senior year of high school. I would have loved to work on a campaign at the grass roots level etc...but I also wanted more than anything to be a stay-at-home wife and mom, and the two do not mix. Also turns out, God had some different plans for my life :)

I love being home ALONE! Love my fam...but cleaning my house and having it STAY clean...*sigh* it's a beautiful thing.

Fashion. Not so much in a materialistic, "gotta have it" kinda way, but I love putting outfits together. I will sit and look at the JCrew magazine for hours, to see how they layered stuff and put colors together. This doesn't mean I always look "put together" just means that I waste a lot of time thinking about it :)

I love passionate people. I think that's why I could watch infomercials Those people are just SO EXCITED about that product...I don't even care if it works or not, I just like that they're so excited about it! Passionate people for Jesus is what changed my life. God used them to reveal Himself to me in a new and fresh way.

OK, so you know I cheat on this EVERY TIME and tag you all...guess who's it?!?

Oh, one more thing...I have some more awards to pass along...I haven't forgotten, I'll get to it!


  1. Those infomercial people are some seriously passionate people!!!LOL:)
    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. Nice to get to know you better.

  3. very cute post! I still am learning fun things about you!!!

  4. I think you are adorable writing a list that the only rule is it can't be family - and that's your first one...LOL, crack me up.

    It was probably meant for specific people....but I was laying here and it made me laugh - so thanks!

    Love number 5. and can't beat number 3 - STAY clean is heavenly.

  5. I am all for the alone in a clean house one - I can't remember the last time THAT happened for me!

  6. This was a fun read! If I can think of 5 things I'll try and play along this week.

    I love big families too. I wanted 10 kids, but I don't know that I am cut out to be a mom of that many. And having a quiet house to myself...I absolutely love that, but it's a rare pleasure.

  7. Alone in a house that is clean is my fav too! The kids just need to go back to school for that to happen!!

  8. Great post. Thanks for playing along. I dream of the day I get to be home ALONE. Since we homeschool that doesn't happen very often.

  9. When I married Dave I asked him how many kids he wanted. He said at least two. I said, "I hope you'll love the other 10!" Yeah, I thought I wanted a dozen kids. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh those crazy uninformed naive little newly weds.

  10. Love your list!
    Being home alone in a clean house sounds wonderful!

  11. Guess what I was doing yesterday when I first read this post? Yep. Watching an infomercial. For some kind of quick roaster cooker thing. It was AWESOME! Or at least they made it sound awesome. :)

    Love big families...there were 5 of us growing up, and I want 4 or 5...but we'll see, I may adjust that number with each successive kid that comes along. :)

  12. If you are at your wits' end with 3, you would be at your wits' end with 4, or 5, or, you know, go ahead and have more. It's not like you're ever gonna get your wits back at this point! Might as well have 10.


  13. I'm totally with you on the big families. I love OTHER PEOPLE'S big families. I fill very full and over-stimulated with three, thank you very much.

    Fashion - I think we have that same gene. :) I am obsessed with being inspired by it and thinking about it, less with actually looking fashionable... you know- time, money, kids, practicality...

    Passionate people - I think we all have some love for passionate people. They're what made the difference for me too, spiritually. If not for my friend who was ON FIRE for Jesus, I may not be where I am today.

    Great list. But lists are your forté! :)


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