Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Yes We Did...

I'm not gonna lie. I love Batman movies. A lot.

I wonder if I'm the only Pastor's wife to blog about The Dark Knight...likely...anyways...

A couple weeks ago I finally saw Batman Begins, in anticipation of seeing the latest The Dark Knight (for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I apologize, you are obviously not as big of a dork as me.)

Around here, we do not get to the movie theatre very often. But my little bro saved the day and volunteered to come over and watch (play video games with) his nephews last night so we could go.

We ended up having to go to the 9:30 PM show...I KNOW, NINE THIRTY!

Here's what I learned:
  • Apparently the late show is when ALL the college kids go to the movies. We were the oldest people there.
  • I am not a college kid.
  • Most of them were seeing the movie for the 2nd or 3rd time (yes, it is in fact THAT good!)
  • I couldn't stop thinking about how MUCH getting into the movie cost!! And in my head, I sounded like my grandma when I was little, she would always go on and on about how much my GUESS T-shirts cost and how absurd it was to pay that much to wear their logo across my chest...
  • The movie was 2 1/2 hours of sheer entertainment, I wish I could go see it this time, I would not drink the $5 gallon-size Diet Pepsi and need to pee the whole movie but couldn't go because I would MISS something...seriously, it's that good.
  • I didn't notice any naughty words in the movie. Violence: of course, but really an excellent depiction of the depravity of man in its natural state. It's obviously not for everyone. It's PG-13...however my kids will not be seeing this one until they're 18...ok, maybe 16 :)
  • When we came out of the movie, the parking lot was still full...guess who was the owner of the ONLY mini-van in the parking lot?!? Yep. We are THAT cool.
  • Rumor has it there will be more Batman movies...can't see how they could top this one...but it makes me giddy none the less *smiles*
  • Who knew?!?! ...that's what you're thinking...I know.


  1. Good for you. Things get a little crazy after 9:30 pm.

  2. Batman, a mini van, and a "date" with your husband... life just doesn't get much better!

  3. ok, i totally love the Batman's too, the best one is the first with Michael Keaton...(in my humble opinion...) AND unless we had the same grandma, which i dont think we do, mine had the same opinion about paying "that kind of money" to wear the Guess logo too--that is too funny, in her opinion, they should have been paying me! especially when i paid the premuim price for a pair of overalls that i had the audacity to leave one should unbuckled...whew, you know you grew up in the 90's when...

  4. I'm jealous, wanted to see this all weekend! Maybe tonight!

  5. Too funny! My college-age son was one of those crazies (He's absolutely obsessed with Batman!) He saw it at the midnight showing Thursday night/Friday morning along with a whole theatre full of people. Then proceeded to see it with two other groups of friends two other times over the weekend. (My hubby and I nearly sent him over the edge when we told him we were going to wait for a week or so to see it.) Everyone so far says it's A.MA.ZING. Can't wait.

    I'm always sharing cool blog stories with my son...can't wait to tell him this one! ; )

  6. oh WOW~~~ I want to see that too!!! My hubs and I need to go - date night - Woo Hoo!!!

    Do you think your brother can come and save the day for us and babysit? I have four boys that he can entertain!

  7. 9:30? Wow. I haven't been out that late in who knows how long. ;)

    Sounds like a great movie...I want to see it but can't stand the prices so will probably wait for the dollar theater...or Redbox rental. :)

  8. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Sounds like you had a great date night with your hubby.

    I took my grand-daughter to see the Kung Fu Panda, and there were lines everywhere for Batman!! Several people told me it was their 2nd or 3rd time! Wow...

    May have to check it out my self.


  9. Glad you enjoyed "The Dark Knight," or as you say, "Night." Obviously someone knows a little less than i do about the Batman movies.

    I haven't seen either one. Guess we'll have to rent the first one before we go and see the "Night" one.

    You know I love you, BFF!! :)

  10. Mama Belle, I corrected it just for you :) Maybe I should have your proof read before I click publish.

  11. i want to see it, convince josh for me!! and i am sure that all the college kids thought you two were highschool sweethearts!

  12. This is SO funny! I tell my husband all the time it's hard to look cute in a mini van...why bother. ;)

    Sometimes I think I still AM a college kid and then pull crushed up snacks and kid tights out of my purse and realize...yep...that's not me anymore.

  13. My husband saw it the other night and he loved it too.

    I'll take y'all's word for it :)

  14. My hubby got me into the batman movies. I like the new ones the best. I haven't seen this one yet. My pastor said, he briefly mentioned it was awesome!

  15. You are definitely one of the cool moms...going to a late night show like that. I'd never be able to stay up that late.

  16. OK, you got me hooked. Sometimes when there is so much hype over a movie I end up disappointed. I LOVED the last Batman flick... so I'm sure to enjoy this one. But thanks for the tip about the 9:30 show. Maybe I'll take my hubby to the "early bird" and get the "steal of a deal" with a price break!

    By the way, those same bullet points that you listed were my feelings when I walked into our first Old Navy store! But, now it seems cool for us moms to be heading in and out of Old Navy!


  17. Oh, the Guess shirts! Too good!


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