Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Barfing & Updates....

Since returning from vacation, I have thought about changing the name of my blog to: Barfing in the Parsonage. I'll be kind and spare you the lovely details, let's just say that when it comes to sickness, we all share around here.

Today, I am using a lot of this...and not just in the kitchen.

I realized today, that I have left ya'll hanging on some stuff, which I'm sure you've been eagerly *cough* awaiting...

  1. Twitter: Still confused...especially on how to add people, but whatever...

  2. This here: No progress... except that he does go get the diaper now. I bought Diego undies, thinking he wouldn't want to pee on Diego...wrong. I have the one kid who thinks it feels FUN to wear wet underwear. Good grief.
  3. Sierra is out of the hospital and doing well. She did not have a broken back, but broken collar bone and shoulder, and had her spleen removed. Her mom emailed and said that life in general is beginning to look up, and that Sierra is planning on being at our VBS next week! Please keep the prayers coming, it's still a long road for this family.
  4. Tiny-town update: The FEMA bus has left...I don't know if that's good or bad. Post office is still closed. People are cleaning up and beginning the repairing/rebuilding process. Some are still in a holding pattern. The biggest blow has been that the Kwik Star has decided to not re-open. In tiny-town, Kwik Star is badly needed. Remember this and this? Shame on them for bailing. Now we're praying for something even better to come in!!
  5. I happened to get another award. And I'm gonna pass it on...but you'll just have to come back tomorrow for more on that...

Can you believe it's Wednesday already?!? Craziness.


  1. I'll see you soon! I'm so excited!! But scared to see the damage all around Iowa. We went without power over the weekend for 48 hours and I thought I was gonna die, I did read an entire book by flashlight!

  2. Have you tried cheerios in the toilet yet? Give him something to aim at...a little target practice, it worked for me when I potty trained my boy.

    Did you get sick too? Hope everyone is feeling better real soon.

    Thanks for the update.

  3. Usta! I am so sorry about your shared barfing! Gross! We will pray you ALL feel much better today!

  4. I would give - clean yourself a try! He is old enough!

    Of course, this coming from a mom that has had her four year old wet his bed twice in a week. When he does this, he must strip his bed himself, throw his wet clothing into the washer (mommy or sis add the soap and turn it on) and then shower and wash himself. He has also lost his "privileges" for the day. No fun stuff.
    I asked him why he wet his bed - "BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO GET OUT OF MY BED TO GO" In other words - I was being lazy and didn't want to get my body out of bed!


    Your little guy being 3 will catch on eventually. I would try to get him to clean up himself.

  5. I can totally relate to the potty-training issues. I just keep telling myself that I am pushing her too hard...she 's only 2 1/2. AND telling myself I should wait till after the move. Who knows.

    I am pretty certain that they WILL be potty-trained before they start kindergarten.

    But it sure would be nice to NOT have to spend $20 a week on diapers!

  6. Glad that blogs are not contagious! Sorry you are all under the weather. My first visit to your lovely blog, but it will not be my last!

  7. Girl, you need to read my blog about my day yesterday!

  8. Sorry about the sickness. Stomach bugs are the worst.

    And the post office is STILL closed? What happened to "through rain and snow and gloom of night?"

  9. So sorry ya'll have been sick!

    And hearing about the Kwik Star closing for good made me sad. :( But you're right...God will bless the town with something even better.

  10. I can't keep up with you, girl! Lightning speed posting...

    we just pulled the carpet up in our bathroom to put new flooring in, and all around the toilet is, well, gross. Renters before us had little boys. Good luck with that. :)

  11. Sorry about the barfing!! That is one thing I love about older children....we don't get sick near as much!!! (now that I said that, we will probably get sick!).

    I am so glad to hear that Sierra did not have a broken back!! Praise God!!! collar bones heal very nicely....we know!

    As far as potty training....I won't share my story because it will depress you! My advice: wait till they are ready!!! It is very true that they won't go to kindergarten in diapers!!

  12. According to the Greek father from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," Windex cures all. Just spray a little in your mouth.

    Sorry about the Kwik Star. Isn't that where you get your delicious doughnuts? What will you do?

  13. Just to let you know! You are not the only one who has a child that likes "wet" pants. Mine will even go get the diaper and lay down and try to put it on himself!!! UGH! He is sooo ready!!

    Good luck to you!

  14. I tagged/awarded you and shared a little blogger love.

  15. ae, bummer i'm sorry!! we all still stink like bleach around these parts! bummer for kwich star too!

  16. Mason is just now wearing underwear successfully during the day... and he is 3.5.

    When your little guy is ready, he'll let you know. I tried to push him the past 6 months and all it did was frustrate the heck out of me.

    so... my advice, stick him outside that sweet little parsonage of yours and see what happens :) well, maybe not... but just let it happen naturally. It will. Really.


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