Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pretty Please...

I need your help....desperately. Am I sounding desperate?!? Hope so...because I need you to feel bad enough for me that ya'll HELP ME!

Becoming Me, a really, really well written blog, is hosting this:

I've never participated in any sort of tour before...which (I think) may make me a tour snob, but this one caught my attention. Mostly because I haven't quite nailed down what the mission of my blog is (in any cohesive manner.) Oh sure, I can give you a bullet list of things, but not a Mission Statement..and by that I mean several sentences neatly placed together...ones that actually make sense. If you're interested in touring along, check it out.

Now the actual tour does not start until July 13-18, but as I've been mulling this over and over, I decided that I totally need your help. I'm also curious to see if what I think my blog is about is actually what you're perceiving it to be...if that makes any sense whatsoever.

It doesn't matter to me whether you're a frequent visitor/lurker here or just stopping by, let me know what YOU think this blog is about...what's the mission?...what makes you come back!?! Seriously, what!?! *insert sincere smile with pleading eyes, here*

You all are fabulous...no pressure, but please come up with something good ;) HA!

Oh, of course I won't leave you without my bullet list... (you however need to leave me with thoughts that are in complete sentences...I know, so not fair)

  • run-on sentences

  • over-use of the words totally, so, and symbols :) ;) ... !!!

  • randomness

  • made-up words

  • Proving God's endless love, grace, and patience though my inadequacies.

  • Life in Tiny-town i.e. tornados and floods :)

  • Real life..the funny and not so funny.

  • little boys whose antics I rely on for blog fodder

Alright....let me have it...now's your chance :)


  1. Sarah,
    Your blog: Real life, colored in by the hand of God. And sometimes, He's coloring outside the lines...and it's still beautiful.

  2. I absolutely love your candid writing style! You touch on the most intimate thoughts and God's speaking to you. Sarah, you are not afraid to state what you are thinking or talk about what is going on in your family life. Love your random thoughts and the special way you come across to friends, readers and lurkers! It is a MUST to check in on your blog daily!

  3. I think your blog highlights the AMAZING things God can and will do in our lives if we let Him "out side the box" of religion and abandon ourselves to intimacy with Him.
    I often see in your blog something I've become more aware of in my own life, God shows up for EVERYTHING! Even the mundane!

  4. Your blog always leaves me with a smile. Just you being real, about real life and all that that encompasses. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

  5. I love the fact that you are a young and hip pastor's wife. I guess that is why I read your blog. I love that you encompass everything in your blog (Faith, Family, Friends, Fashion, Food, and any other F-word you can think of)!

  6. Quite simply, I love the way you view life. You are refreshingly REAL, fearlessly transparent, hilariously funny and adorably hip. Your love for Ben, your boys and tiny town never fails to touch my heart. Most importantly, woven all throughout your everyday news, is an unmistakable love for the Lord and a deep desire to grow closer to Him. You bless my life with every visit. = )

  7. Your blog always makes me smile. You are real! (Which I love because so many out there are not.)

    And you are just so blame funny!
    There are many more reasons why I always come back, but the kiddos are fighting!

  8. I love the idea of a mission statement for your blog. It is sure to keep you focused and on track. I can't give you feedback on your own mission statement, since i don't feel qualified to say, but I pray you will soon discover your mission. I am sure it will amaze you once you discover it.

  9. You're real. You're fun. You're honest. I feel like I could meet you in real life and totally be comfortable around you, because who you are here on the blog is exactly who you are. No pretenses.

    And God is definitely using you to speak into lives here. Mine included.

  10. I think you are always keeping it real and I love that. I find your blog to be an encouragement, always uplifting, even through the hard stuff. Most of all I love that you point everything to God and what He is doing in your life.

  11. I enjoy the energy and passion you put into everything. Whether it be your family, your church, or your relationship with God, you make it exciting to read about.

  12. I have no help for you because when you mentioned it I started to think about my own purpose and came up with my own. I think that our purposes may be similar so I can't share till the tour. But I do have a good purpose worked out for myself now! Thanks and Sorry!

  13. Sarah,

    First - I think I am so biased b/c WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON! You just have a more creative way to share it with others.

    I always know that when I visit your blog I will leave with a smile on my face. Whether it is b/c we are going through the same struggles...and honey - misery loves company (just kiddin')...or from you being so real and puttin' your whole heart out there.

    All I know is you are spreading some pretty serious Truths that need to be shared. I thank God for your boldness!!

  14. It is funny that you bring up this topic because just last week I had e-mailed my husband at worked all bummed b/c I haven't been receiving many comments.His reponse was that we would talk about my vision for the blog. He encouraged me to actually write one out,which I have yet to do but we did discuss it. We also went on to talk about "what draws me to the blogs I read daily" and what they are all about. All this to say, when I talked about your blog I said what drew me to your blog is that you keep it very real and it feels like a visit with a good friend. We share a faith in God and a desire to glorify Him, but yet you talk about everything from haircuts, to kid antics, to messy rooms, running.... I guess what drew me was our similarities. I hope all this rambling was somewhat helpful to you.

  15. Sarah...I forgot to tell you yesterday that you have a little sumpin'sumpin' over at my blog... stop by when you get a chance. :)

  16. Wow! You are so popular and have a lot of fans.

    Hmmm ... what is your blog about? Kinda like the "Forrest Gump," like a "box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get," and in my house a box of chocolates doesn't last very long because I keep going back for more.

    Love ya' and your blog too. Just keep keepin' it real, girl.

    If I'm ever near Iowa, which is unlikely, but you never know, we have to hook up, friend. Or if you come down South.

  17. sarah-
    i think here is where i am suppost to tell you that i love how real, transparent, and passionate about your relationship with the Lord is! even if you are a shoe freak. love to you!

  18. Whoa, I just re-read what I wrote, and the "F-word" thing didn't come out exactly how I wanted it to! I should have written "any other word that starts with "F". Yikes!


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