Thursday, July 31, 2008


Something has been rolling around in my mind for quite awhile now. And yesterdays post just fueled the fire for me :)

I've been thinking about the idea of celebrity. What is it that really makes someone a celebrity? It really just boils down to a celebrity being someone (with a little Charisma) that many, many people see or hear from or about all the time. Once someone becomes well known, it lifts them into this other realm of "famousness" :)

It even happens in the blogging world. When I started blogging I had no idea that within this community were sub-divisions...and among the Christian Mommy Neighborhood, there are some big-dogs...that everyone knows/reads/has on their blogroll. Who knew?!?

For the record: I'm not intending to talk Hollywood here. They of course have plenty of them...good and bad...and truthfully, it's the world, how else should they act?

What I've been thinking of lately is Christian Celebrities. Granted, generally we Christians don't like to call them that...sounds worldly ya know...but really...we treat our Christian Celebrities very similar to the way the world treats regular celebrities. And the more I think about that...the odder it seems to me.

When I start to think about Christians we've probably got as many (or more) celebrities than the world does...hmmmm.

I should clarify: I am not blaming the Christian Celebrity. Whatever they have accomplished to bring them to that next level was undoubtedly great. They may have hit albums, huge blogs, write really inspiring books, Bible studies, or be an inspirational speaker, all using gifts God has given them. What I am questioning is our reaction to them.

It's one thing to admire and respect...but does it go further? Do we treat them differently than we treat regular people?

What is it in me that seeks to exalt one person over another based on celebrity or what they've accomplished? That's the heart of my thoughts, and the more I examine it the more I don't like what I see.

This past December Ben and I went to a Casting Crowns concert (they're one of my fav's.) Mark Hall, the lead singer, did a fantastic job of just being a regular person. No Hype. Just there to use the gift God had given and it was an incredible time of worship.

I left that night pondering how he did that. Because when he walked on stage that night, he had an arena full of people who would probably crawl over the person in front of them if it meant having a chance to chat with him.

Pride is a constant battle for many areas. Pride can happen in the "little bitty" for sure. I have trouble even imagining what it must be like for the Christians that we have made into our own celebrities...with those of us always telling them how wonderful they are...paying money to go see them.

My own personal realm of influence is fairly small...which as I examine my heart today, is for obvious reasons :) and if I'm struggling with pride, I no-doubt believe those with much bigger areas of influence struggle with it too.

Your thoughts? (if you can understand my ramblings, that is ;)


  1. I have the same idea with different terminology....pedestals. We put people on pedestals. We set up rules or expectations to go with it and watch. Watch to see how they measure up, how they act....and then, often, we "pounce" when they mess up! Our Bible study today is on Rahab. What a beautiful reminder of grace, forgiveness, and how God uses people based on "availabilities not abilities".

  2. I have found the biggest problem with "Christian Celebrities" to be that often we allow them or thier influence to eclipse God in our lives. God's call on each life is going to look a litte, or alot different. When we base our growth on becoming more like..... rather than like Christ, we set ourselves up for a myriad of dissapointments and futile strugglings.

  3. In our 'No other Gods' Bible study we have been talking about this.

    My husband and I went to a CC concert a few years ago and Mark Hall asked for all the youth pastors to come back stage. He talked personally with them and we were so impressed that he was not impressed with himself.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

  4. All of us have talents and abilities. It's how we use them that sets us apart. Are we using our God-given gifts to glorify Him?
    It's no surprise that I love to sing. I can admit that there have been times in my life when singing that my focus was not on Christ. It's in those times I'm humbled the most. I forget my words or come in when I'm not suppose to. I'm reminded very quickly that the only reason I can sing at all is because of our Great God!

  5. Dang that's good stuff.

    It's in our sin nature to create idols. We want something to worship and so many times we chose the wrong things (and people). When it should be only our One God.

  6. Good stuff Sarah. I think it's all just a distraction away from Him. All of it. Our talents, their talents, as well as gifts. Really the only gift is Him and when our hearts are pliable for Him to move through us, not us, then He receives glory through us on the stage or in the kitchen!!

  7. I agree so much with you. When we place too much emphasis on who a person is, we begin to make them our idol, and make them bigger or more important than God in our lives. It's such a slippery slope. We need to remember that these "celebs" are just like you and me - fallen but under God's wonderful grace.

  8. Great post Sarah! And I so agree with you. We are all sinners saved by grace! It amazes me too how people worship other christians, be it a celeb type person or someone on the pew with them, more than they do our Savior.
    I have a problem too with people trying to make money off of the works that Christ has done in their life. I know things cost money and you need to pay for transportation, place to stay and all that but a couple months back someone from our church contacted another person, I guess you could call them a celeb type person, about coming to our church to give her testiomony. She wanted over $4000 and a place to stay and she would only be available for 2 hours. It really floored me that she would ask so much to come give her testimony. We have a rather small church compared to some (200) so we did not book her.

    anyway, I tend to ramble. I set up my twittering thing. I am following you, not in a stalkish kind of way (heehee) Question, can you reply back to someone's twitter post?

  9. My Dad is a senior pastor to a fairly big church, so I've seen the problems of this one first-hand.

    It's a two-sided problem, obviously. The "famous" people have to let God deal with any pride issues that rise up. But we "normal" people also need to take care in whom we elevate.

    Good thoughts.

  10. Hmmmm... still pondering on this one. :)

  11. Very interesting (and convicting) post. I've struggled in my own life -- sometimes favoring those I really admire over my other brothers and sisters in Christ. I detest seeing that behavior in fellow Christians, yet have found myself doing the exact same thing.

    There seems to be a very fine line between admiration and idolatry...thanks for a needed reminder.


  12. Hmmm...a thought provoking post. You've given me a lot to think about.

  13. So true I never really thought of Christian Celebrities this way! Sometimes when I see certain speakers on tv & people going crazy for them this verse always goes through my mind: "Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God Deuteronomy 5:9

    Is that weird?!?

    GREAT Post Girl~you really got me thinking!

  14. I read this yesterday but wanted to think about it before I commented. I struggle from the side of elevating the "famous" people too much. Or rather, I let it affect how I feel about myself, which is so wrong. The whole blogging thing has really opened up my eyes to it even more, and I think God is using it to teach me that my worth is NOT in what people think or how they respond to me. It's in HIM alone. Still working on it, but I know exactly what you mean. So good, Sarah.

  15. We did a Beth Moore study (I think it was this one) a while back, and she spoke of when Jesus rode through on the donkey and everyone was cheering. Then was saying how much of a donkey we are! :) "Don't you think as that donkey rode through town that he was thinking everyone was cheering for him??" and so we use the talents God gives us and accept other people's praise to us for what "we've" done - when really it's all HIM, and we are just the donkey.



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