Friday, August 1, 2008

Deep & Shallow...

This post is two parts which may seem to not go together at all...unless you know me...and then you will find it completely normal because this is me...deep and shallow all at the same time :)...ooh, I feel another blog name coming on...

Anyways, FIRST:

Do you ever feel like life is going by so fast that you can't...keep...up?

I'm there. Yesterday I even wished I had a remote for life that had a pause I could stop everyone else around me and "catch up" before pushing play again.

It's all good stuff. It just sometimes seems like I'm not enjoying it (enough) because of time crunches. I have lots of ministry stuff to get organized before everything kicks off again for fall...cramming all kinds of family fun into the last couple weeks of summer, and well, there's the house...which needs to be in some semblance of order to even find anything. I typed these out, I had sort of a revelation. One: "Seriously, this is what I need to push pause over?!?" HA! It all of a sudden doesn't look so bad...totally do-able! Two: Who has become first in the busyness? *sigh*

Over and over and over I do it. Get distracted by tasks I need to accomplish, and place them in first place. It makes no sense...for I can tell you endlessly that this does not work...and yet I do it. The one and only person I should be running to first, Jesus, I instead remove from first place...set aside and replace with tasks, and then proceed to bash my head against a brick wall in frustration because all of a sudden I can't juggle all that's going on around me.

Hmmm...not too hard to figure out why frustration sets in. Today I'm going to stop trying harder...and start praying harder that this pattern STOPS!

I am so thankful that my heavenly father does not get annoyed with me...because I am seriously annoyed with me :)

And the shallow...(wink.wink.)

Last night as I was minding my own business (sort of) and reading blogs, I came across this post by my bloggy friend Kelly at Love Well (which, is not all.) She happened to mention a list for the Starbucks stores that were closing...and I may have experienced my very first anxiety attack...ok, not really, but close.

I live in tiny-town. I have to go to bigger-town to get Starbucks. If they leave bigger-town...there is nowhere else to GO!

I found the list here. It is real.

And I held my breath....

and my 3 Starbucks locations are not on the list.


Which reminds, don't worry, I won't even begin to tell you my sad, sad, really sad story of how there were NO GOOD CLOTHING STORES around here when I was a teenager...then I got married and moved away and they FINALLY got a GAP...two in fact...and when I moved back....BOTH CLOSED. *sigh* Hard times my bloggy friends...hard times. But Starbucks...still here. Amen.


Happy Friday!!!


  1. I know what you mean about life flying by. I've been thinking the same thing lately.

    Good news on your Starbucks still being around. :)

  2. I am with you on both the deep and the shallow! I'm not a Starbucks junkie, but I sure wish we had an Outback, and Chili's around here!

  3. Happy Friday! I bet you're jealous, I have a coffee shop in my office! Not Starbucks, but it's pretty good. I'm going to get a smoothy now!

  4. Hi Sarah . . . I don't think you are shallow! I think you are awesome! I would freak with no Starbucks as well!

    I struggle to get order as well! This summer it seems as if nothing gets done . . . I try to keep the house tidy, but with five kids - four of which are under six - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! There are time that I simply don't care - I think during those times I am depressed or something - not sure what depression feels like, I just don't really care about the house or laundry during those times.

    Hopefully this "funk" will leave us both!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh man, I totally hear ya. Life gets busy and spending time with God gets pushed to the side. Spending time with Him in the busiest of times is one of those things that we all KNOW we should do but actually doing it is so difficult. Even when I DO get it right, I still feel like I'm almost rushing Him. It's almost a "Hi God, It's crazy around here. You know all that anyway. Ok, gotta get back to working on life." type prayer. I'm so glad He is patient with me too.

    SO glad Starbucks isn't going anywhere. Did you see they are working on the new Target on the west side of "bigger town." Hooray! It's even CLOSER!

  6. Sarah, how do you do it?! I was just having this issue with myself yesterday. I have continued to put God last and He continues to bless. I know I need to dig into His word and yet, I chose to do the ironning instead. WHAT?! Thank you for helping me with my perspective.

    As for Starbucks, we have about 6 in our area and I have only gone once for hot chocolate (and it was gross). Don't care for coffee so I can't feel for you there girl.


  7. Sarah - I can totally relate on the "small town" thing. We live in a small town just outside of Carson City. We have exactly;
    ONE stoplight

    We got a Starbuck's a bit over a year ago. However, our chuch "folk" remained loyal to our locally owned coffee house. We were anti-Starbucks.

    Then the coffee house was sold, the new owner changed everything and the coffee went from really good to ICK. Suddenly we were all about Starbucks. LOL! Funny how us caffine freaks can change loyalty so quickly. For now, our Starbucks is going to remain open Hooray!


  8. I live in coffee country, so there is pretty much a Starbucks on every corner. We could have several of them close and still have lots of Starbucks to choose from.

    I know what you mean about being caught up with life being busy. I have to work on keeping my priorities straight...they can get out of whack quickly.

  9. whew! None of my starbucks were on there either!!!! :)

  10. I hear ya. Reminds me of the old saying "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!"

    Glad you still have Starbucks for some sanity breaks! (After prayer and Bible, of course! LOL)

  11. Precisely, exactly, 100% how I feel today! I so need to get my priorities straight...I just blogged about it in fact.

    And so very happy for you that the Starbucks will remain intact for you! Yay! There are quite a few in my city, so I am not too worried, but man, that would be a sad day if they all closed down.

  12. Thank You for the needed to reminder to keep my time with the Lord as the MOST IMPORTANT thing on my "to do" list for the day.

    Happy for you that your Starbucks is staying open!!

  13. We all have this prioritizing issue. I think it's just part of being a woman in today's society.

    And sorry about the Starbucks! Hope it stays.

  14. Your Starbucks is staying open? The Lord has smiled upon you, my friend.

    If it makes you feel better, when my husband first broached the subject of us moving from San Diego to the small town in Minnesota where we live for four years, I had just one question: "Do they have Starbucks, Target and Old Navy?"

    Him: "That would be a no, no and no."

    Me: "Then have fun! I'll write!"

  15. I had a vanilla carmel latte the other day on the way home - and it rocked my world.


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