Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fun Never Ends...

This is the lazy-bloggers version of a slide show...where none of the pics are labeled and you are supposed to just make up the's good for your imagination...I think.

Here was our weekends order of events:

  1. Parade: in nearby small town, it's a big deal...lots of tractors and firetrucks.
  2. Pedal Pull: Little pedal tractors that are weighted down and kids see who can pull the farthest. Noah got 2nd in his age group and qualified for state (HA!) it's his 2nd time doing that and, no, we do not go to state to pedal a little tractor :)
  3. Some family pictures and Ben's grandparents house
  4. Supper and Smores with friends from church and of course Fireworks!
  5. Saturday, got to see my beautiful friend Shell at her baby shower...isn't she adorable!?!

Side note: Please insert *eat more mini-doughnuts* in between each number.

Now I need to go find my elastic waist-band pants...


  1. You have a sweet family! What great pictures! It looks as if you all had a great time!

  2. Wow, I really like that picture of you and the family sitting on the steps. Except it was kind of small and moved too fast for me to get a really good look at it. :)

    Holiday weekends are made for eating whatever the heck you want, so I say enjoy it and don't give it a second though!

    And the thought of you guys going to state for the tractor pull made me laugh. Reminds me so much of the place where I grew those small towns.

  3. Loved all your pics...especially the ones of your whole family. So cute!

    Sounds like you had a fun 4th! Qualifying for state, made me chuckle...that is too funny. I'm sure he was proud!

    The new blog look is so cute. I'm feeling ready for a blog makeover.

  4. I love your family pictures!

  5. You are getting so technologically minded. You're like a computer genius now ... new blog look and slide show! I'm impressed.

    Cute pics by the way.

  6. I LOVE that blog slide thing... I want to try and figure out how to do that on my computer. We recently got a new camera and have been taking pics like crazy of the kids.
    You got some fantastic family shots, and cute shots of the kids.... looks like a fun and photogenic weekend!!

  7. very cute pics!!! that slide show is very cool.

  8. Love the slide show :)
    for post donut binging days- gotta get the 2 pack of Bally's yoga pants at Sam's Club. Only $20!! I would wear them everyday if I could!! Do you have a Sam's anywhere near tiny town though?!

  9. New look? It's nice! Looks like you had a nice 4th. Sweet family memories for you to cherish for a long time.


  10. Cute the slide show!

  11. Oh how I wish there was a tractor pull here - Mason would LOVE it!

    Great family photos :) You're a beautiful family!

  12. Hey, will you email me the photo of us? So great to see you, you're so cute!! Wish I was closer!

  13. Now let me tell you what, those photos of the boys in the grass are precious. Love em.


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