Monday, July 7, 2008


Oh friends...a bloggy make-over is coming my way...FINALLY! I can't tell you the details, except that Shauna is working on it and I know I am gonna L-O-V-E it. I will try to stop talking/thinking about it now, but it. is. hard.

On a completely different subject: I do have a little secret that I need to share with you. I hope it won't cause you to look down on this little lowly Pastor's wife (*wink, wink*) but you deserve the truth....straight from the horse's mouth (we say things like that around here.)

It is VBS week, here at our church in tiny town.

The secret: VBS is not my first love. *Gasp* I know. I KNOW! JUST what you want your Pastor's wife to tell you...(now would be a good time to hit your knees and thank Him that I am not your PW...unless I actually am...then you should REALLY hit your knees ;)

VBS is exhausting. And I'm not even the one that organizes it. (God bless our sweet church friends that do...I can't thank them enough...but there is an excessive amount of pleading, on my part, that they never stop doing it. EVER.)

I am teaching the 3 & 4 year olds this year. By the way, I almost just heard you laugh. Since my arrival in tiny-town, I have been avoiding this age group like the plague. Mostly because this was the age group my own children were in...and frankly, I was already worn out from my own, why would I want to teach MORE?!? Last year I even volunteered for crafts, just to avoid them. I am not crafty my friends.

This is where the miracle comes in. This year, I wanted to teach them. Granted, my oldest two are now not in that class anymore...but still! I am actually really looking forward to it. God is seriously amazing! Because that did not happen all by itself!

Because of the flooding, we're not quite sure how many kids will be able to come, but the numbers do not matter...the hearts of the children do. I'm praying that each child that comes through our doors will leave knowing who God is, how much He loves them, and why that matters. Because it SO matters.

*UPDATE* Shauna finished my layout (super fast by the way) and I couldn't love it more!!! YAY! If you're in need of a new do, go check her out (little square on my side-bar.) With just a little info she totally figured out what I wanted...I think she may be a mind reader :) Thank-you Shauna!!!!

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Wow! Pretty awesome to hear about the heart change. Praying for you this week. Looking forward to hearing about it. = )

    Can't wait to see your new look!


  2. Awesome layout!!! I liked the weekend one too... blk and white with bows! That was cute too!!!
    I gotta get busy on my pics!!!
    LATER today!!!!
    now it is time for ball and swimming lessons!!!!

  3. Awesome layout and girl, I am with you....I do not like VBS much at all.....maybe we should have a preacher's wife revolt against vbs. =)
    just kidding. We'd be run out, wouldn't we? =)

  4. Yay, I am not the only one. Our VBS is next week and I always feel so guilty when I dread to see it coming:(

    LOVE the new look!


  5. Very nice blog update!

    Hey, I am with you about the VBS - totally exhausting PLUS Insanity sets in!

    Kudos to you for just saying no!

  6. Love the new look.

    I, too, loathe and love VBS at the same time.

    Love dropping my kids off while I galavant around town.

    Loathe volunteering for it or a similar camp. I think I'm just getting too old and tired for that. And it might have something to do with my years of teaching ... I'm just burnt out.

  7. Cute layout! What time is VBS tonight? I told Jesse you'd be his teacher. No pressure here, but he is very close to making his own salvation decision, it's a daily topic of his converstaion.:-)
    I think VBS is better in the morning, but I know it's hard to staff. I am just so burnt out by the end of the day. I personally enjoy getting to know community kids.

  8. The new blog look is so stinkin' cute. I love it!

    We had VBS last week and I was very thankful to not have to play an active role. But I do believe it is worth all the hard work! Those kids are so worth it.

  9. very cute new do!! vbs is crazy. but, God always reveals just a little something in the least likely of kids that makes you stop and say, yep, it's ALL worth it. have fun!!

  10. very cute layout!!! I DIG polka dots-on blogs, on skirts, on shoes, on purses--ok, just not on kids! (i mean literally on kids) AND (as if you were worried.) I have gotten over the Peaches and Herb thing, I have a new song going thru my head now-from a commercial and I wont name it as it will only get worse ;-) Have fun at VBS!!!

  11. Just finished reading your post. Convicted about an issue very similarly related. I will email with details later.
    Also - we had VBS 2 weeks ago - I was the director. Does that make you want to run screaming? LOL
    Love the new bloggy look, by the way! Working on one of my own, too!

  12. Love the new look -isn't Shauna wonderful-she did mine. I will pray for you and VBS this week. You are so precious and real-that's what make you special! I sure wish I had some mini doughnuts! The 3-4 year olds are going to have a blessed week with one special lady!!!!!

  13. Whoa...I triple love your layout! It is so YOU. Perfect!

    I'm sure you're gonna to have a blast at VBS. I actually enjoy that age's the teens that scare me! Ha!

  14. Hey, it is VBS here at our church too! Just got back from a morning of gluing popsicle sticks. It was a ton of fun. I am sure I will post on it later this week. Love the new look!

  15. LOVE polka that really how you spell that?? :)

    Adorable layout!!

  16. I love your new look, Sarah!

  17. Hey, my friend, LOVE the new look! I think it's safe to say that everyone struggles with VBS a little bit. You are my true friend... four bags of mini-doughnuts and 1 funnel cake I'm so proud of you and incredibly jealous. YUMMY!
    P.S. Not fun having VBS on the hottest days of the summer!!! Hope the air is working good at the church!

  18. P.S.S. For all of you out there that do not know Sarah personally I thought you should know that she is totally FULL OF IT!!! She says in this post that she is "not crafty my friends". WHATEVER!!!!
    The parsonage is adorable. Her scrapbooks pages are super cute. Her fashion... well, I'm pretty sure she's the only mom dropping her kids off at school in Tiny Town wearing patent leather shoes!(the proof can be found on her post from Feb. 25 and that's missing the bright yellow ones!)
    Oh Sarah I love you even if you are a BIG FIBBER!!!

  19. Sing with me "Happy VBS week to you". 3-4 year olds are the BEST group to have. Ture, they are exhausting, but they are hilarious. Gotta love em.

  20. Having just finished VBS a week ago, I'm wishing you the best of luck and praying that those 3 & 4 year olds rock your world!!

    Blessings to you ... & the new look is FABULOUS!

  21. Wow!!! Love, love, love your new, yet sophisticated! (Definitely you!) = )

  22. This blog looks as perky as I imagine you to be! Fun!

  23. LOVE THE NEW BLOG LAYOUT!!! Now I feel like I need one too but then the Holy Spirit reminds me that we are doing a study on idols....and want tends to be a very large fixture in my idol worship so I will just love yours.......
    Oh yeah....
    Tatumn sends her love right back!
    Your bloggy friend,

  24. I LOVE your new design!
    I traded in my 5th and 6th grade girls on Wed. nights to work with the toddlers and I LOVE IT! Oh, my goodness, why did I ever give them up!

  25. Cutest blog layout ever!! Hope VBS is wonderful.

  26. from one pastor's wife to another, I too am not a fan of VBS. It seems like it's like that a lot. THings that are BIg and Fun in the life of the church mean for our family that Dad is gone a lot and we have to be without him and go it alone for a while. That is sure to dmapen the fun.

  27. I do not head up VBS at our church either and really don't want to! I do enjoy helping and having everyone tell me what to do that one week! When it's all said and done- it's great and EXHAUSTING!
    Your post is cracking me up-super cute layout.


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