Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Like Hunting...

Where I live there are four seasons. During the long, LONG frigid winter, if you asked me my fav season, I would tell you spring. By the end of the hot, humid, mosquito infested summer, if you ask me, I will tell you fall. I think my love for the two is because they are both so fleeting. Once you realized they're finally here, they're gone.

I have never lived anywhere that does not have distinct season changes. I can't imagine life without the weather changing...drastically. My frame of reference revolves around the seasons. Which is part of the reason fall fashion is just so much fun! I enjoy it like a hobby...much like a man enjoys golf or fishing or hunting...it's kinda like hunting...except when I find the perfect shoe, I do not kill it.

Can I call myself an expert after reading just one magazine?!? Ummm...on my own blog...I think I can. Plus, my sharing of the in-depth knowledge I now posses from the study of this one magazine may save you $3.99...which could instead be used at Starbucks or something. Excellent.

Apparently the key to trends is to only pick the ones that work for you. And, there are certain things (like dark denim and patent leather ;) that are just classic and do not go in or out. The words in orange are just my humble *cough* opinion.

Here goes. In Bullet list form, naturally.

What's In for this fall: (according to my magazine)
  • Ruffled and fitted jackets love
  • Puffy sleeves cute
  • A-line skirts cute
  • Wide-leg trousers so cute with heels
  • Dark prints undecided
  • Lady-like trend of fitted (or belted) dresses, pencil skirts and ruffles YAY!
  • Layered looks perfect
  • Pleated cropped pants no thanks
  • Skinny belt (over shirts) maybe
  • Funnel-neck tops sure
  • Dark plaids sure
  • menswear flat-front trousers sure
  • High-waisted skirts and pants this ones still new to me...adjusting
  • Short shift dresses I do think these are cute with leggings
  • Spectator heels (both in peep toe and with mary-jane straps) LOVE
  • Drawstring bags (leather) not bad
  • Peep-toe ankle booties ankle booties are growing on me...but the peep toe with them?
  • In denim: distressed and hardware ok...still like the dark best
  • Fringe (leather) I can't do this one...I'm not a fringe girl.
  • Flat shoulder bags LOVE
  • Purple one of my new favorites!

Well ladies, that's all I know for now. What I like about most of these trends is that they're not so "out-there." Much of that stuff I already have from past years ...woo hoo!

Now that I've bombarded you with my opinion, let me have yours!! What do you LOVE?

For more info you can visit www.peoplestylewatch.com


  1. I'd say you are pretty much an expert...I have no idea what spectator heels, and peep-toe ankle booties are. And since I don't even know what they are I guess I can't form an opinion. I'll have to ask my girls.

  2. i go by the two c's rule: cute and CHEAP! may i suggest the target clearance racks! I get the privledge of shopping with this fashion expert. all i have to do is hold something up to her and i know by the look on her face if it has her fashion approval. I'm SOOO LUCKY!
    p.s. hey fashion queen.... call me!

  3. I just can't love the ankle boots. I've tried, it just isn't there.

    I'm loving the whole, "it's like hunting but when I find the perfect pair of shoes, I don't kill them.."

    You're cracking me up! ;)

  4. The trouble with layering is now I don't want to get rid of any extras in my shirt drawer (even if they are stained) because they just might be the perfect color to peek out from under 50 other shirts!

  5. even in home decor, purple is up-and-coming this fall.

    I don't know... I really like the blue and brown...but can I do purple? It might take a while....

  6. Eeeewwwww to pleated cropped pants. I just can't go back there.

  7. i have no sense of style. especially shopping w jenni, she drives me crazy!! well except for starbucks.. however the pic of you hunting for shoes for the kill cracks me up!!!

  8. Struggling with the leggings and ankle boots - been there done that! The high waisted stuff, I am not so sure about due to my over abundance of blessings above the waist. Everything else sounds great. What would I do without you?! I think it is time to go shopping. There are some things on that list that I do not have!

  9. * Ruffled and fitted jackets love
    * Puffy sleeves cute
    * A-line skirts cute and a staple
    * Wide-leg trousers SO cute...love this trend
    * Dark prints NO...unless you are a stick, I think they can make you look like a rug.
    * Lady-like trend of fitted (or belted) dresses, pencil skirts and ruffles Cute
    * Layered looks Cute
    * Pleated cropped pants Oh my NO...
    * Skinny belt (over shirts) I can't do the skinny belt. I think I did this back in 7th grade. The 80's are back.
    * Funnel-neck tops is think like a turtle neck?
    * Dark plaids cute...especially with PURPLE
    * menswear flat-front trousers maybe
    * High-waisted skirts and pants depends...gets rid of the muffin top but...I'd have to try it on.
    * Short shift dresses I do think these are cute with leggings...again only if really skinny.
    * Spectator heels (both in peep toe and with mary-jane straps) LOVE..Love the mary-janes.
    * Drawstring bags (leather) NO..can't do drawstring.
    * Peep-toe ankle booties ...can't do it. Back to the 80's. Can I wear a bubble skirt with it?
    * In denim: distressed and hardware ok...still like the dark best..ME too on the dark.
    * Fringe (leather) What are we at the FAIR? No, no, no.
    * Flat shoulder bags LOVE..cute
    * Purple also cute.

    Thanks for saving me the 3.99 :)

  10. Haven't worn a skinny belt over a shirt since high school! Too funny. Two of these for me are definite NOTS...ankle boots and anything purple (No matter how cute, when paired with my red hair, it's beyond awful...

    What would we do without you, Sarah!? Thank you for the fun fashion update. No doubt you will look adorable no matter what! = )

  11. Can you wear a skinny belt if you're not skinny?

    Puffy sleeves like Anne of Green Gables?

    No, please no high waist pants for me - will they still sell low rise in 5 years? They better!!

    And on that link - 11,000 dollar shoes??? COME ON! Is that a joke?

  12. Love ankle books, already have a bunch from last year...but peep toe? hmmm, Even for me that's a bit wild! Plus they'll never go with the office dress code! : )

  13. Puffy sleves? Not so much.
    Wide-leg trousers? I'm way too short. Those things drag on the ground.
    And what exactly is a funnel neck top?

    Love layered looks though. But really, if those are the things that are in this Fall, I'm going to be such a dork. :)

  14. This is great! A perfect recap of what is in...I don't have to look any further. :)

    I love peep toe shoes, but not sure if I could pull of the peep toe ankle boot look. And for SURE nothing pleated for me. Why add extra bulk to bulk?

    My hubby has a hideous blue fringe coat from the 80's that he apparently has a hard time parting with. I will not be a happy camper if that comes back in and he tries to pull it out of the depths of the closet.

  15. okay, this one was fun, and informative, and saved me $, and time! love you, girl!!

  16. I've found that almost ANYTHING eventually grows on me and I end up liking it. Almost anything. Hooray for skirts!

  17. Love your blog. Thanks for this post with the trends. I'm the original "cheap" woman who wants to know what's in; and go find it for less.



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