Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Doing My Job...

When I got my very first blogging award I was amazed. Amazed that anyone would find my writing award worthy, and even more amazed that people would feel like they knew me just through reading my blog! Amazing! And so much fun.

Each subsequent award has been just as special. Although I decided if I went on and on about each one...ya'll might get a LITTLE tired of it ;)

There's a fine line between being thankful and showing off. *smile* Where that line is, I'm not quite I decided to make a link for them...and whenever I feel the need to validate my blogging, I'll go look at my award love...and perform my acceptance speech.

Down to business: I have some love to pass on...

MeMe Lorie and Muddlin' Thru Motherhood (go say hi...they're lovely!) both kindly passed this one on to me:

I just love that it says BRILLIANT, don't you?!? Morning by Morning, whose blog I absolutely ADORE also passed this one along to me:

I'd like to pass it on to two, new-to-me blogs that I am really enjoying: Cup of Jesus and Lisa Writes...Both do an amazing job and sucking me right in each time I visit!

Tracy @ My Cup Runneth Over gave me this sweet, sweet award:

SHE is the one who is oh-so kind! If you don't know her...stop by and say, she is one of the sweetest commenters EVER. I'm passing the award back to her. I'm not sure if this is legal...but we all know I bend the rules a little anyways ;)

There are rules...but I think ya'll know the rules...accept the award, pass it along...simple enough :)

Is it just me, or does linking wear you out?!? I need a nap...


  1. Congrats to you. The blog awards leave me feeling a bit conflicted too. I love that I am thought of and love passing them on, but always feel awkward posting a "look at me" post. LOL. You do have a great read here!

  2. Ahh, thanks! What's funny is I am seriously just in the midst of passing it on to YOU TOO!!

  3. I have to agree. I just love your blog (and I'm kinda picky) we write the same way (at least I think we do) and I feel like I *get* you. :)
    You are my newest favorite blog that I love to read.

  4. Congrats on all your little blog awards! I agree with all the nice things said about you and I just love your blog to pieces!
    And yes, linking wears me out too!

  5. Sarah!
    Congrats on your brilliant awards! Just for fun, I looked up the word "brilliant" in the thesaurus...among the words, I found: luminous, shining, bright, talented, inspired...yep...those definitely describe you, my bloggy friend! = ) Looking forward to checking out the others you've linked! = )

    I greatly appreciate your incredibly sweet words, Sarah (and yes, you are bending the rules a bit!) ; )

    Have a great day!


    P.S. You're so right...linking is hard work! ; )

  6. Yay!! Congrats on those awards - how awesome! And don't you worry about showing off - we love you and know you're great!

  7. Wow. I'm always humbled and surprised to find that one, someone actually reads what I write and two, that someone is actually blessed by what I write! Thanks so much for your kind words and award! So glad our blog paths have crossed!


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